The best bridal hairstyles with flowers

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There are so many things to organise for a wedding! Choosing the venue, the food, preparing the invitations, which flowers to decorate the table with, trying on a what seems like a thousand dresses until you find the perfect one, you get the picture… With so much to plan, we wouldn’t want you to forget the little details! In the end, they are what matter most at important events such as a wedding and one of the most important of these is which of the many possible hairstyles you choose.

Have you thought about how you’re going to style your hair on that special day? Taking into account that your will keep photos of the day for the rest of your life, it’s crucial that you choose a spectacular hairstyle which at the same time represents your personality and style. This year, flowers in the hair has become a real trend, especially for weddings. Therefore, here at FloraQueen we want to inspire you with a few original ideas for flowers in your hair on your wedding day.

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Ready to discover stunning floral combinations to wear on your wedding day?

Bridal hairstyles


There are literally thousands of bridal hairstyles which you could choose from, hundreds of women get married every day and no one hairstyle is exactly the same. It is true that there are some more popular styles, like the classic with hair in a tight bun and with a sober headdress or a more glamorous style which makes the hair really sparkle with jewels and pearls. However, today we are going to focus on the two most fashionable hairstyle trends in 2017 that combine amazingly with flowers of all types. We are of course speaking of the vintage and the bohemian styles. We are sure you’ve heard of them, but, are you aware of how they differ?

Vintage styles

An elegant and refined style,  where waves predominate, which requires a lot of time to perfect every detail. A vintage style could feature:

  • Buns to the side of the head decorated with flowers.
  • The 1930’s inspired finger wave hairstyle.
  • The combination of the 2 previous hairstyles: with waves tied up in a fallen bun.
  • Hair worn down with a hairband made up of dried flowers, as below:


bridal hairstyles flower headband


Bohemian styles

This is a natural style which requires less work than the vintage style. A bohemian style could include:

  • Any style of braid. Such as a dutch braid, a waterfall braid or a crown braid.
  • A half-up, half-down style, to appear natural and give off an uncombed look, with a crown of flowers for added decoration.
  • Hair worn down with waves stretching from the middle to the tips, topped off with a flower tiara.

The best thing is that whichever style you choose for your hair, both combine perfectly with flowers! Read on to find out more.

bridal bohemian hairstyle


just add flowers!

This is the trick to giving your hairstyle an original and fashionable touch this year. Add flowers that suit your own style to your braids, buns or pigtails. They can be fresh natural flowers, dry flowers or even porcelain flowers. Take a look at our favourite styles! 

Fishtail braid with natural flowers


bridal fishtail hairstyle


Half-up, half-down with a floral touch


bridal half up half down style


Natural tiara


bridal natural tiara hairstyle



Bohemian braid with floral hairband


bridal headband style


worn up with an orchid


bridal orchid style



Flower crown with matching bouquet


bridal bouquet hairstyle


Vintage or bohemian? Which is the style that you would prefer for your wedding? However you have it, be sure that it includes a good selection of flowers. As you now know, the secret for the most trendy look at weddings this year is flowers!

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