Vow Renewals: The Celebration of Love and a Lasting Marriage

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A vow renewal is a romantic and heartfelt way to celebrate a marriage and to re-commit. Often, it is done several decades after the initial wedding ceremony, but a reaffirmation can occur any time after the wedding. Believe it or not, some couples even do a vow renewal every year! Ahead we are going to discuss

* Why people renew their vows

* Do’s and don’ts of vow renewals

* Destinations to consider for a vow renewal

Why People Renew Their Vows

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), approximately half of all marriages in the United States may end in divorce. As such, many couples use vow renewal to celebrate the fact that they have beaten these odds, especially for those heading into their silver or gold wedding anniversaries. For some, renewing their vows is a way of having that wedding celebration they have always dreamed of but did not have when they were younger. For others, their marriage may have experienced several years of emotional distress and conflict and when a couple comes out on top, it becomes an occasion to celebrate through vow renewal. Lastly, for some couples renewing their vows is simply an incredibly romantic gesture and that is the only reason they need to go ahead with it.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Renewal Etiquette


* Do involve family members such as your children in the ceremony.

* Do plan the event yourself. Since you are hosting your vow renewal, you are financially responsible for all associated costs.

* Do wear any item of your choice, in any color.

* Do have a wedding reception. This can be a very casual backyard barbeque, an intimate family dinner or a traditional wedding reception.

* Do be mindful of the guest list and what kind of vow renewal party you would like to host. Do you want it to be a small intimate gathering or something more extravagant?

* Do choose to get your wedding bands engraved with a special message or quote.

* Do have a cake, just not a wedding-style one.


* Don’t treat your vow renewal as a second wedding.

* While it is encouraged to dress up for the occasion with a beautiful gown or a fancy suit, wearing a wedding gown is discouraged as you are not a bride in this setting.

* Don’t host a bridal shower before the vow renewal, as the purpose of a bridal shower is to provide a young bride with things the couple are going to need to start their life together.

* Don’t host a bachelor or bachelorette party, as you are already married.

* Don’t register or ask for presents. If guests insist on bringing gifts, suggest that they donate to a charity instead.

* Don’t have attendants such as bridesmaids or groomsmen. If family members would like to have a role in the ceremony, then that is welcomed.

Destinations to Consider for a Vow Renewal

At Home

If you have a smaller budget that you would like to put towards your vow renewal ceremony, or if you would just prefer a more familiar and intimate setting, consider renewing your vows at home. A spacious backyard or a cottage can be incredibly romantic settings to renew your love and commitment for one another.

At a Resort

One luxurious way to celebrate your commitment to one another is through a vow renewal package at a resort. Dreams Las Mareas Resort & Spa in Guanacaste, Costa Rica is an incredibly popular choice and for good reason. This stunning resort is nestled in the foothills of volcanoes and surrounded by the jungle and Playa El Jobo. If you book a five-night stay at the resort, you can receive a complementary vow-renewal package. This package includes an on-site coordinator, ceremony, corsage and boutonniere, certificate of renewed vows, romantic dining, wine and breakfast in bed. If you think this sounds too good to be true, it’s not! It’s just part of the Dreams experience.

The Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa in Montego Bay, Jamaica is another oceanfront resort that can pamper you and make all your vow-renewal dreams come true. The resort offers two packages, the Just the Two of You and Intimate Elegance, both involving vow renewals. The Just the Two of You package offers complimentary vow renewal by the ocean. If you are going having family present, Intimate Elegance offers the vow renewal service with up to ten guests, in addition to a couple’s massage and a romantic dinner for the two of you. To qualify for the Intimate Elegance package, there must be a booking of at least 25 room nights, which is not unreasonable if you have ten guests staying at the resort.

Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa in Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia, with its white sands and turquoise waters, is the ultimate getaway destination for you and your guests. A bonus feature of this resort is that it has both a family section and one strictly for adults, so it is easy to find the environment that you are mosts comfortable in. Coconut Bay also offers a complimentary vow-renewal package that includes an oceanfront gazebo, a corsage and boutonniere, a cake, wine, a vow renewal certificate, an officiant, event coordinator, beach picnic, dinner reservations for the couple and their guests, and an oceanfront dinner for the couple.

Perhaps one of the most romantic all-inclusive resorts is the Secrets Resorts & Spas, located throughout Mexico and the Caribbean. This stunning adults-only resort offers a complimentary vow renewal package if you book a five-night stay. This package includes an on-site coordinator, renewal ceremony, corsage and boutonniere, wine, vow renewal certificate, and a romantic dinner for two.

At Your Favorite Restaurant

If you prefer a low-key vow renewal ceremony but prefer not to host it at home, then choosing your favorite restaurant to host it at can be a wonderful option. This is particularly a good idea if you are hosting a small number of guests.

 Final Thoughts:

Vow renewals can be an incredibly romantic way to re-commit to a marriage with your spouse. Since it does not have the undue pressures of a first-time wedding, this is your opportunity to really focus on enjoying the moment as much as you can with your loved ones.

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