Quotes About Love – How to Express Your Deepest Feelings

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We all feel love – for someone else, for our parents, for our pets, for nature, and many more. Despite this, sometimes it is inexplicably difficult to express our feelings and we need some inspiration. Let’s find out more about:

* What is love?

* How we express our love for our partner

* How we express our love for family members

* Love, universal value

What Is Love?

Love is an extraordinary complex concept. We can talk about many kinds of love, we speak of love for “someone;” self-love, love for a partner, love for a child, love for your neighbor. Some other times, we can talk about love for “something;” love for the country, love for nature, love for a hobby, love for your profession or your job.

There are great differences between all these types of love, differences given by the intensity with which the emotion is felt, the intensity generating our external behaviors. Almost every time we talk about love, we attach a few quantifiable attributes and, unfortunately, many of us, we are unable to get beyond the social stereotypes and patterns we inherited within our families.

Over time, love, in its essence, represented an interesting topic for many thinkers, starting with Plato and ending with the latest theories in sociology and psychology. Famous thoughts have remained in the history of defining love such as:

* “The greatest joy of life is to be convinced that you are loved” – Victor Hugo

* “Beauty does not make us love, but love makes us see beauty” – Lev Tolstoi

* “When we love, we always strive to become better. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better” – Paulo Coelho

When you love, it means to open yourself, to let what you love to reach your soul, to put aside the protective clothing and to become vulnerable. To love, it means to risk. Love never appears where and when you believe and where you want it. It is born in a kiss, a smile, a burning look, suddenly and from nowhere. For sure, from that moment your soul does not belong to you anymore.

*”Love means chemistry.” – Jim Al-Khalili (physicist). Love is a powerful biological manifestation, such as hunger or thirst and is permanent and very strong, we cannot control it. When we talk about true love, the brain releases a whole set of chemicals such as pheromones, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and vasopressin, hormones that can bind two people.

Love changes you, makes you grow, mature yourself, know you better and know what you want. Throughout your life, we love in many ways, love characterizes us at a certain point in our life. Love can be a teen madness, it can be trust, comfort and a sense of security but at the same time, it can be a passion. No matter the form, we need to learn how to express this feelings and share them with our friends and family.

How We Express Our Love for Our Partner

Love is a power, it is a force that often means effort, perseverance, presence and a lot of knowledge. There are no rules to follow in a relationship and no recipe to ensure your happiness. What is certain, however, is that we do need to share our feelings. Here are some beautiful ways of doing so:

* “I do not know where my road leads, but I do better when I hold your hand” – Alfred de Musset. This beautiful quote shares the uncertainties about the future but, at the same time, letting your partner know that it all becomes much easier when they are around.

* “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other”. Audrey Hepburn could not encompass the meaning of love any better than this. Use this quote about love to show your partner that they mean everything to you.

* “Where there is love, there is life” Mahatma Gandhi shares a piece of everlasting wisdom, expressing the fact that life might exist without love, but never the other way around.

* “Love, having no geography, knows no boundaries” Truman Capote offers us a unique way of telling our significant others that love might go to mad extents sometimes. There is no rule or limit that stops you from loving someone.

* “Who, being loved, is poor?” This popular quote belonging to Oscar Wilde transcends time and remains as one of the most powerful quotes about love. If you want to show someone that they are more important than money and other goods, this is the perfect of way of expressing this feeling.

How We Express Our Love for Family Members

Home is the place where we can prove altruism, self-control, working for and taking care of the others. Despite this, sometimes might be quite difficult to share our feelings with others. Here are some of the best quotes about loving your family:

* “Everyone needs a house to live in, but a family that supports you builds a home” – Anthony Liccione

* “It is said that family members who can eat onion together are happy. For the moment, they are separated from the world, and their aspirations are in harmony” – Charles Dudley Warner

Love, Universal Value

In a letter addressed to his daughter, Albert Einstein wrote that “there is an extremely powerful force for which, at least until now, science has not found a formal explanation. It is the force that includes and governs everything, it is just behind every phenomenon that takes place in the universe and has not yet been identified by us. This universal force is love”.

Make sure you use some of these quotes about love to let your loved ones know how you feel about them. This can make you and them feel better and bond you even tighter than before!

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