Five creative marriage proposal ideas

Creative wedding proposals

If you’re thinking about tying the knot and want to impress your partner with your imagination, then a creative marriage proposal that wows and delights your future fiancee is much more likely to succeed than something uninspired and boring.  If you like arts and crafts or trying alternative ways to try traditional rites of passage, then we have something you might like: five fantastic ways to “pop the question” that your darling won’t be able to refuse.


Propose With your pets

Dog marriage proposal

People love animals and many would never say no to them. That starts you off well, where the real creativity comes in is what animal to use and how. Animals naturally have minds of their own and an unfortunate tendency to eat wedding ring sized objects on sight, without any second thoughts. Therefore it is important to ensure that your animal is well trained and not dangerous to people. Proceed with caution and don’t try to propose marriage with lions, even if you are a lion tamer.

Of course one of the best animals to partner with for the big proposal is a dog; man’s best friend. Dogs have a special bond with their owners that not many other animals have with humans. They are part of the family and they also respond better to training. See if you can design a little message or carry case for your engagement ring and teach your faithful friend to deliver the gift right to your partner.


Propose With a game

Love jigsaw marriage proposal

If you fancy a try at something more cerebral, perhaps attempt to construct a special game or puzzle for them to solve. Proposals always start with the classic questions: “Will you marry me” so find a creative way to work it into your carefully prepared quiz. Perhaps the quiz could be about you as a couple to see if you both know as much as you think about each other.

In case you want to try something more visual you could make a jigsaw puzzle with your distinctive question written on it and build it together. Maybe you could create a special design with your favourite picture of you and your partner and incorporate your proposal message into it. Make sure that the message doesn’t become too clear too quickly. Really savour the game together.


Propose with A Treasure Hunt

Marriage Proposal Treasure hunt

If your partner loves to explore and solve mysteries then maybe you can lead them on a treasure hunt to a special place before you ask the question. This could involve a carefully prepared map, a list of clues or perhaps riddles that will remind them of your good times together and really get their curiosity going. Of course, at the end of the hunt, there needs to be your marriage proposal. You could have something prepared for where X marks the spot or you could alternatively allow nature herself to take your partner’s breath away before you get down on one knee.


Propose with a pizza or cake

Wedding proposal cake

If the key to your lover’s heart is food and you fancy yourself as a top chef perhaps you could prepare something delicious to send your engagement message. A marriage proposal with food needs to look, smell and hopefully taste the part so careful and calm preparation is necessary. You’ve probably seen some of the Pinterest fails for ambitiously designed dishes, so make sure it is something you are able to pull off. Choose carefully from food your partner loves. Does she love the taste of real Italian pizza, or does she have a sweet spot for tasty cakes? Prepare the dish she loves and write your message of matrimony. If you feel extra ambitious try to incorporate the ring too. Just make sure it’s obvious where it is. You don’t want your marriage proposal to turn into a trip to the emergency room.


Propose With flowers

wedding proposal flowers

Stop the presses! Yes, we know flowers are very common when proposing marriage and that wedding flowers are a popular tradition but hear us out. You can take this established idea and try to make it something more personal to you and your partner by saying: “Will you marry me” with a well-planned floral gesture. If you consider yourself a horticulturist then perhaps you’d like to arrange your own elegant engagement bouquet that will wow your lover with its delicate shapes and fragrances. Perhaps you could design some kind of a structure to shower you both with petals as you get down on one knee. Or maybe you would like to team up with experts to design a personalised floral image or message to “pop the question. You could also create your written message with roses, lilies or whatever their favourite flower may be. There are so many ways to take this traditional medium of love and make it your own.


Try one of our tips and plan your marriage proposal carefully. Hopefully, before you know it they’ll be throwing the wedding bouquet on your big day.

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