Fun Ways to Deliver Flowers to Your Lover

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There is no greater way to show how much you care to your lover than with flowers. Whether it’s a single delicate rose or a bouquet of wildflowers you put together with a florist, or even a bunch of wildflowers you went out and lovingly picked, flowers just say I love you in a way that nothing else does. There are some reliable ways to deliver flowers to a partner, and then there are some quirky ones to try out for fun. We explore a few and hopefully inspire you to get out there and try some of them. Surprise your partner, and yourself, with your creativity and care.

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*Classic Work Delivery

*Be Mysterious

*The Balloon Technique

*Hire a Band

*Sing Them a Song

*The Flower Petal Trail

Classic Work Delivery

We see it in every movie, the beautiful woman comes into work thinking it’s going to be just another regular day, but lo and behold, thereupon her desk lies a lovely bouquet of flowers. This tried and true technique never fails to charm a lover. You can time it so that the flowers are already on their desk before they come in or have them delivered in front of all their coworkers to add in a dash of envy amongst the crowd. People love to feel special and getting flowers can brighten up an entire workday that may have been seeped in boredom.

The Balloon Technique

This may be more complicated than merely having flowers delivered to your partner’s workplace, as the balloon technique requires some impeccable timing. This is ideally done from the balconies of apartment complexes, or if you’re crazy, the roof of your house. Go to the store and buy yourself a couple of balloons and fill them with only a bit of air. Test this out first, as you don’t want your balloon drifting off into the sunset, leaving you standing there gazing into the distance like a western cowboy. Once you’re sure your balloon drifts downwards in a proper fashion with the flowers you have tied to it, simply wait until your partner is walking up to the building and let your gift of love fly gracefully into their hands. This may involve them flailing to catch it for a bit, so make sure not to laugh.

Hire a Band

Another movie classic, hiring and organizing a band to serenade your partner with music, is always a fun and embarrassing way to profess how much you care. To spice it up a bit, get a few large bouquets and hand them to each player, who then encircle your lover in the bouquets while they play. If you manage to do this when you were not with your partner at the time, now is when you sidle up from behind with another bouquet, holding them from behind while you give them the cream of the crop and a kiss on the cheek. Cue applause.

Sing Them a Song

Continuing the music theme, learning a song on a guitar, and singing a little ditty outside the window of your lover’s room is always a great way to get some laughs and remind your partner why they chose your weird self. Couple this with their favorite flower, and you can most definitely coax them down to receive their gift and maybe even a kiss.

The Flower Petal Trail

Nothing creates a more romantic scene than walking into your home and finding a trail of flower petals leading you on a merry adventure to some other part of the house. Covering the entire room your partner ends up in with more flower petals, or perhaps filling the whole room with bouquets can be a breathtaking sight. For those budget-conscious folks, you can do this with paper tissue flowers as well. Paper tissue flowers are arguably just as lovely and much appreciated for the effort it takes to make them. For those looking to make a large amount, trick any kids in the family into helping you make them, they may enjoy it more than you.

Do Some Landscaping

For those creatives out there, this one’s for you. It requires some amount of planning, as creating an entire flower bed can take some time. Cordon off a part of the yard and create a tent structure around it so your curious partner cannot see and make them pinky promise not to go in until you are finished. Then let your creativity soar. Ideally, you would fill this up with your partner’s favorite flowers, and add in some little details, like their love of Disney or some other cute stuff that really makes them feel the love.

Be Mysterious

Regardless of the way you choose to deliver your flowers, adding a bit of mystery to it can always spice things up. If you chose the classic work delivery, simply don’t put a note with the flowers. Or, if you do, make it a little poem or something like “thinking of you.” The same can be done with your balloon delivery, although that one can be a bit tricky to perform without being seen, so think about getting a friend to help. If you’re thinking, I can’t ask my friend to do this, they will laugh at me! Well darn it, what are friends for but to help you with weird favors and then laugh at you about it!

Get the Right Flowers

The most important part of all these ideas is making sure you get the highest quality, perfect flowers to give to your partner. Make sure to ask some subtle questions, figure out the different varieties they enjoy and their favorite colors, and then go and order all the flowery friends you need to put a smile on your partners face and assure your place in their heart for years to come, or at least until you make a big mistake, then it’s time to use the next idea.

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