The Most Romantic Places of the Summer

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For many Paris is one of the world’s most romantic cities but you may be surprised to know that this year that wasn’t quite the case. Of course here at FloraQueen, we know that one of the most romantic things to do is to send roses to your beau for an anniversary or to prove your love. We’ve been pouring over our data from the summer months and we’ve been able to find some very interesting conclusions about where people have been sending roses to and from and from this we’ve been able to find out what the most romantic places in summer 2017 are. The results may just surprise you.

Most Romantic Country for British People: Germany

German flag in front of Reichstag

That’s right, as unbelievable as it seems Germany is our most romantic country of the summer! The Germans and the Brits may not have had the smoothest relationship over the last century but today that seems to have changed as British people overwhelmingly chose to send roses to Germany over any other destination internationally. Infographic Where Britain Sends Roses

It seems that despite our history and the recent tensions over Brexit the British people have a soft spot for the Germans deep down, despite protestations over who stole who’s sunbed in Majorca. We found that nearly 16% of the roses sent from the UK to another country were to locations across Germany. In second place was Poland with 15% and then next up was Spain with 13%. Only 3% percent were sent to the UK from within Britain showing that we Brits may need to brush up a bit on our romance.

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Most Romantic City in the UK: London

London Big Ben and Phonebox

Unsurprisingly when we looked at places receiving roses in the UK London came out on top. Londoners aren’t known for their sentimental personalities but it seems beneath the cold, hard exteriors beat the hearts of true romantics.

Where Brits send Flowers in the UK

London received 25% of the roses sent to the UK this summer ahead of Gloucester that came in a surprising second place with 7% of the roses sent. Despite firm credentials for romance in places like Edinburgh, York or Cambridge none of them featured in our 10 ten destinations for roses this summer. Instead, dark horse locations like Didcot, Bedford and Farnworth managed to make the list showing that the UK is full of surprise romantics.

Most Romantic City Worldwide: Barcelona

Barcelona Skyline at dusk

Move over Paris and the Eiffel tower and say hello to Barcelona and Sagrada Familia as your new sites of romantic connection.

Infographic cities Brits send roses to

It’s easy to see why the city would be a favourite for a romantic liaison. With the stunning weather and landscape, elegant architecture, and of course the beach, Barcelona beat out the competition from rival cities like Madrid, Milan, and Warsaw to come out on top. Paris didn’t even feature in our top ten at all, so it’s clear to see that Parisian lovers will have to try a bit harder next year to reclaim their place at the top spot. Barcelona was the overwhelming favourite city to send flowers to from the UK and the Spanish and Catalan population of the city responded in kind by being the most likely to send flowers to the UK as well. There’s obviously a clear affinity between people in Barcelona and in Britain.

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Most Passionate Romantics: The Spanish

Spanish dancers

This will come as less of surprise to many as the Spanish have long been seen as passionate romantics.

Infographic Where the most passionate romantic are

Many still think of Spain and the Hispanic people in general as embodying the Latin spirit of romance, passionate emotion and of course flamenco. More surprising however, is that the Germans managed to sneak ahead of other likely candidates like the Italians and the French. France only made it to fifth place behind the Polish showing that in some ways the country has fallen behind in terms of romance.

So it’s clear to see that despite our preconceptions of romantic places worldwide like New York, Paris and Rome when it comes to making romantic gestures from abroad Barcelona, London and Berlin are the places you should consider when you think of love. It was also interesting to note that there was a clear affinity between people from the UK and Germany showing that despite all that our countries have been through together we love each other really.

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