Gift delivery and 5 other plans for your anniversary

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Your anniversary is the only day other than Christmas in the year where you can share a special day with someone else. Even though it may be even better than Christmas, because you share it with just your spouse and your spouse alone. You spend the day together remembering that special day in the recent or ancient past. It’s a great day to do lots of cool things and of course organise a gift delivery so that you can show just how much they mean to you. How are you planning to spend your next anniversary? We hope to put some great ideas in your head!

a weekend break

An anniversary is a great occasion to escape your routine, forget about your problems from work and daily worries. A great idea is escape for a weekend, to the beach to enjoy a stroll along the seafront, rent a romantic rural cottage in the mountains or to visit a beautiful European city such as the romantic city of Paris for a mini break. Whichever the destination, it will be a great chance to rekindle the flame which maybe isn’t quite there during the week when after more than 8 hours in the office you come home knackered! And if you’ve got the kids, however much you love them, Nan can look after them for one weekend without any worries.

gift delivery Paris

from the sky

If you aren’t scared of heights and love to enjoy the best views from the height of the city, then this is the best way to celebrate your anniversary. Of course, the most daring amongst you could go for a skydive or a paraglide, but the most romantic way would be a hot air balloon don’t you think? Think of a beautiful sunset witha glass of champagne in hand. Can’t get much nicer than that, right?

gift delivery air balloon

open air picnic 

As long as the weather is looking nice, a romantic outdoor picnic would be the perfect thing for your anniversary.And the best thing about it, it’s so easy to prepare! You only have to think about where to go, bring a blanket, plates and some simple food as well as of course, a high quality wine. You don’t need anything more to enjoy each other’s company, have a great chat and enjoy the weather in a special place.

gift delivery picnic

fill it with surprises… and a gift delivery! 

An anniversary is a day to show your spouse just why they are so special to you. And is there a cuter way to do this than by giving little gifts throughout the day. For example, a gift delivery arriving early in the morning and then gifting cute little things such as a photo collage later in the day. And of course, make sure that the lady receives her bouquet of roses, the most romantic of flowers can then adorn the bedroom later in the night…

gift delivery roses

a party with friends

Why not repeat your wedding in a mini version? Call your closest friends (or set up a Facebook event!) and have a party to help bring back the memories from your great day. Of course some friends will tell you some anecdotes of what you were up to after you had drunk a few too many rum and cokes! In this way you and your spouse can return to the centre of attention and feel as special as you did on the same day all those years ago.

gift delivery party

We are sure that if you organise any of these activities with your spouse it will an anniversary to remember forever. Just don’t forget your gift delivery with FloraQueen 😉 Have we managed to convince you to change your plans for your next anniversary? 

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