Spectacular Ways to Surprise your Partner on Valentine’s Day

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It goes without saying that Valentine’s Day flowers are a popular and (we certainly like to think) successful way to surprise your partner on February 14th. Whilst a bouquet delivery is a grand gesture on its own, there are plenty of other ways to catch your lover off guard with an original surprise that they will adore and never expect.

We’ve trawled the web and discovered some of the most spectacular ways that you can add a little spice to your Valentine’s Day surprise.

Make your own chocolates

Handmade chocolates

Chocolates are one of the most popular gifts for partners on Valentine’s Day. Every year around 36 million boxes of chocolate are sold, however to set your self apart from the rest you could go a step further by making your own chocolates for her. If you fancy yourself as a Valentine’s chocolateir then there are lots of recipes to be found for making your own bonbons, truffles and candies. Obviously don’t forget to choose a nice box to present them with.

Treat her to a special photo shoot

Couple photo shootIf you want to create amazing memories that you and your partner will treasure forever then surprise her with a special Valentine’s Day photoshoot. With a few props, lights and a good photographer you can create amazing. The experience should be good fun for both of you and the results can be pretty spectacular.

Give the “wrong card” before giving her the real one

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There are a few ways to do this. One way is to hide your card in a series of envelopes in increasing size so she has to find her way through Russian Doll-like packaging. Another method to play with her expectations could be to give her a card to open, only for her to discover it’s actually a Christmas card. You could then play the same trick again maybe this time with a birthday card, as many times you think she will find it amusing before giving her the real card.

Send roses at specific moments throughout the day

Red roses and gift for Valentine's Day

Another little game you can play to subvert expectations is to give her a single rose in the morning and say you could “only afford the one. Then set up several rose deliveries throughout her day from when she arrives at work to when you meet for your big Valentine’s Day dinner. Over the day your roses can accumulate until you have the perfect number for your perfect Valentine’s bouquet.

Fly your surprise in with a special delivery drone


As the technology continues to proliferate so too can you take extra advantage of it. Obviously, you’d love to swoop down from the sky to surprise her yourself but that’s impractical and rather dangerous. That doesn’t mean however your Valentine’s gift or card can’t arrive from the heavens. With some careful piloting and a sturdy drone, you can help keep love literally in the air. The added bonus of this is you can also make use of an attached camera to capture the moment of delivery forever.

These are just a few suggestions you could use to shake up Valentine’s Day 2019 and turn it into a truly memorable day. Will you try any of our ideas out this year? Let us know in the comments.

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