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Valentine’s Day is very special in any part of the world. It’s a day to shower the people around you with true love and passion, giving them every reason to be optimistic and happy. It is celebrated all over the globe with people sending Valentine’s Day bouquets to one another to symbolize their love and care. You are most certainly aware of how flower bouquets are an integral part of this special day; the question is, how do you get Valentine’s Day bouquets and send them to that special someone from wherever you are in the world? It’s simple: by following this article, you can learn:

  • What a Valentine’s Day bouquet is
  • Why you should order Valentine’s Day bouquets
  • The best Valentine’s Day bouquets
  • Where to get Valentine’s Day bouquets and a lot more.

What Is Valentine’s Day Bouquet?

A Valentine’s Day bouquet is a collection of flowers pieced together, optionally alongside gifts, to present to someone who means a lot to you on this day of love. The bouquet can include a variety of flowers decorated and arranged to knock your loved one off their feet and pass a message that depicts your heartfelt emotions in the language of flowers. Different flowers convey unique, thoughtful messages, so depending on how you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one and the kind of relationship that exists between you, you have different flowers to choose from. Valentine’s Day bouquets can include flowers such as roses, gerberas, lilies, amaryllis, poinsettias, or tulips, to mention a few. All these flowers are distinctive in their own way, and they can make up the perfect Valentine’s Day bouquet that you can send to your friends or family on this special day.

Why Should You Send Valentine’s Day Bouquets?

Despite the Valentine’s Day religious affiliation, specifically that of Christianity, it is celebrated even in regions with the least tolerance for religious activities. This is because no one can help but love the aura of love, tranquility, and togetherness the celebration brings. On Valentine’s Day, people come out of their shells, let go of their inhibitions, and pour out their heartfelt emotions into the right selection of flowers.

Given this, why don’t you pick Valentine’s Day bouquet today and send it to your partner, mother, friend, or lover to make them feel loved and special? Doing so can strengthen the relationship that already exists between you or veer it into a stronger phase. Also, sending Valentine’s Day bouquets to your loved ones is a great way to connect with one another if you live far apart. The possibilities are endless, so you can’t go wrong with sending Valentine’s Day bouquets.

The Best Valentine’s Day Bouquets

Given the magnitude of Valentine’s Day, it should be celebrated with every touch of class. How do you do this? You send bouquets made of the best flowers that can correctly encode your heartfelt messages and wishes to your recipient. As a result, there are many Valentine-dedicated flower bouquets, but below are some of the best ones you can send to your loved ones:

12 Red Roses: With a combination of 12 long stem roses and decorative greenery, this Valentine’s Day bouquet beams with every touch of infinite love. Go the paramount height to express your love to your family with this beautiful bouquet of red roses. They would most definitely love it!

The Perfect Match: This is a perfect pair of red roses and white lilies to show your partner that you are a perfect match. Give them this to let them know that they are always in your heart. The red roses symbolize romantic love, while the white lilies symbolize unity.

First Love: Who are you just getting on with? How romantic do you think it’d be if you sent them this charming Valentine’s Day bouquet, which includes three red roses and a teddy bear? Celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with your first love with this gorgeous bouquet.

50 Shades of Red: As the name implies, paint Valentine’s Day in its true colors with this magnificent bouquet of 50 red roses. There is no better way to sweep your lover off their feet. This bouquet is a true class act!

Cupid Arrow: With just a single long stem red rose clustered in between two aspidistra leaves and some greeneries, this Valentine’s Day bouquet is the true definition of simplicity. Keeping it simple, yet effective, is the way to go. Send this bouquet to your partner at their workplace to denote that they’ve got a piece of your heart and that you can’t wait to be with them soon.

Harmony: This is, yet again, another Valentine’s Day bouquet that has roses in it— a testament to the magnitude of roses. Supplemented with some white callas, send this bouquet to your lover on Valentine’s Day to declare that you keep living in harmony and peace.

Where Can You Get Valentine’s Day Bouquets?

All Valentine’s Day bouquets listed in this article can be purchased from FloraQueen, an international online florist. Other than Valentine’s Day bouquets listed here, FloraQueen has a wide collection of Valentine-dedicated bouquets for you to choose from. What’s more? After having picked Valentine’s day bouquet of your choice on FloraQueen, you can input your loved one’s telephone number, city, and address, and we can ensure that your bouquet is delivered to them wherever they are in the world.

How is this possible? We are an international florist and have a network of professional florists and couriers in major cities in different countries across Asia, Europe, South America, Oceania, and North America. When you pick Valentine’s bouquet of your choice, FloraQueen directs the florist most near to your recipient’s address to make arrangements for your Valentine’s Day bouquets, depending on the delivery option that you choose.


We trust you want to enjoy Valentine’s Day in the best possible way; If so, go through the list of bouquets listed here, find them on our website, pick one, and send it to your loved one to make the Valentine’s Day celebration a memorable one.

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