Floral Fashion Statement

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As mentioned in our latest post” A Flower garden at home”, floral motifs are the HIT this year.  Floral print decorations are a classic when decorating our homes but this spring and summer floral patterns on clothing will change the side walk into a floral catwalk!

The 2011 Spring/ Summer floral collections underline color, humor and passion which is also reflected in tropical make up colors and accessories.

So let’s have fun this season and forget about the “fashion rules”! Let’s mix floral patterns, bold colors, lets hit the streets and have fun, lets flip the hair and be fierce!

For our masculine readers;  don’t be shy and show your fashion know- how wearing a floral pattern on your tie, colorful socks or flashy T-shirts, it will surely make the fashion victims turn heads!

In case you are searching for a birthday gift for your sweetheart this year, say happy birthday with flowers: on clothing or with colorful spring bouquets!

Enough writing, let the flowers do the talking:

Flower Power 2011

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