Nine of Natures Most Colorful Flowers

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The world is awash with flowers of all shapes and sizes. Human beings have a curious relationship with these special plants, as we have not only come to create entire mythologies and symbolism in association with them but have worked for centuries to cultivate brand new varieties that continue to grace us with their beauty. One of the most captivating aspects of flowers are their many different colors. We explore nine of them and some of the ranges of wonderful colors they exhibit.

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* Roses
* Dogwood Flowers
* Hydrangea
* Magnolias
* Camellia Flowers
* Azaleas
* Myrtle Flowers
* Hibiscus Flowers
* Daffodils


No list of flowers can be made without the iconic rose being included. One of the most popular flowers around the world, and the ultimate weapon of men, the rose is one of natures most beautiful creations. It comes in a variety of stunning colors. From the more well-known vivid red we all have come to love, to its stunning pale purple, yellow, and orange varieties, there is a rose for every occasion. Even its rare black colored cultivar is a sight to behold. The rose is truly the flower of love and continue to be a symbol of passion and romance throughout the world.

Dogwood Flowers

One of North America’s most beautiful trees, the dogwood is a majestic force of nature. The blossoms that grow upon its stems stand in counterpoint to its crooked shape, with delicate, pale petals. They have a lovely pink and white color, with a touch of green right in the center that makes the flowers flash in the sunlight. There are some entirely white varieties, but the mix of pink and white is really where it stands out in the color department.


Growing in small shrubs and occasionally on vines, the hydrangea flower is absolutely stunning. The petals blossom in clusters, creating tight-knit formations that give it the appearance of fluffy poodle’s fur. It has a range of colors, all pale, from pinks to purples, and some lovely blues. When the different colors are grown together, it creates a beautiful cascade of colors that may put a spring in your step. There is just something about their funny appearance and bright colors that make you want to smile.


One of the more ancient flowering plants on the plant, magnolia flowers are well known for their intoxicating fragrance; the magnolia flower is a must-have for garden lovers. They are quite large, allowing them to catch the eye of anyone walking by, especially with their gorgeous pale and dark pink coloring. Both Mississippi and Louisiana have taken the magnolia as their state flower, falling in love with both its smell and aesthetic appeal.

Camellia Flowers

With over 3000 species within its genus, the camellia is one of the more prominent flowering plants on the planet. Many of the Camellia species grow their petals in concentric, spiraling patterns that create a subtle illusion. Deep reds, pale whites, and vivid pink colors all mix to add an even greater depth to them, and the effect is quite stunning. The camellia is by far one of the most beautiful flowers you can add to your garden.


Azaleas grow in a vast array of different shapes, although all tend to have the same large, arching petals to one degree or another. The real magic of this flower is the fact that it also comes in nearly every shade of color imaginable, from pale pinks to dark purples and bright yellows. They can grow quite tall, and perfect as potted plants, growing in bonsai-like formations upwards, creating a very graceful look.

Myrtle Flowers

Associated strongly with the goddess Aphrodite in Greek mythology, the myrtle flower is a lovely little flowering plant. It grows in small clusters, with very tiny petals. Regardless of its size, it has a range of beautiful colors, with one of its best being a pale pink that really showcases its delicate nature. The myrtle flower is a great addition to an office or home, with its small stature ensuring it does not take up too much space; it is the perfect fit for a desk or windowsill.

Hibiscus Flowers

Quite possibly one of the most colorful plants on the planet, the hibiscus flower is the queen of flash. You can find colors from all over the spectrum, and what is most wonderful is that many hibiscus flowers have two or three different colors in the strangest patterns all mixed together on one plant. From wave-like patterns to yin and yang shapes, the hibiscus is nature’s answer to the question “how weird can we make this flower look while still being beautiful.”


The daffodil, like the rose, is the kind of flower you just need to talk about.
Although they do not have a broad range of colors that many other flowers
do, their iconic yellow is so well known that not to include it would be a sort of blasphemy. There is a reason the daffodil is so famous. Its unique cone-shaped petals and lopsided appearance, coupled with its vividly bright yellow coloring, makes it stand out no matter where its planted. A group of daffodil flowers can be seen from a mile away, and even the less flowery inclined among us may recognize it.

Never Enough Colorful Flowers

From the classic rose to the breathtaking hibiscus flower, there are never enough colorful flowers. The earth is overflowing with beautiful plants, showing off to the world in such a wide variety of colors, lighting up our eyes with their beauty. We must not forget to give thanks to all the thousands of breeders over the centuries who have managed to work alongside mother nature and cultivate some outstanding new breeds of flowers that are a balm for the weary soul. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

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