5 Weird Reasons That People Have Sent Flowers

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People send flowers for lots of reasons. To apologise, to say: “I love your” or to congratulate someone on a special day. That doesn’t necessarily mean however that people are restricted to just sending flowers for just the stereotypical occasions. People send flowers for lots of weird reasons that will seem crazy to some people and perhaps strangely logical to others.

Today we’re going to cast our eye over five examples where people used flowers to send a slightly different message.

To apologise for breaking into somebody’s home

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to be the victim of a break-in you’ll probably wish that the perpetrator was as well mannered as this gentleman. As reported by Get Surrey, Marc Campfield of Farnham in England had a few too many drinks whilst out celebrating Halloween and got lost, eventually finding his way into the home of the Jarvis family where he fell asleep on the floor. Normally, the idea of a home invader would lead to an emergency call to the police but instead the Juliet Jarvis offered him a pillow thinking he was her son at first. Even after realising he was a complete stranger the next morning, then dropped him home in their car. To thank the family for the hospitality, Campfield sent a card and a big bouquet of flowers later the same day.

For keeping a secret

Keeping secrets in the world of the music is hard to do when there are so many people involved in the process of making the records and videos. For this reason not spoiling the surprise of a new record or album just before its launch is doubly appreciated. Taylor Swift made a loud and confident return to the charts with her new album Reputation last year, most notably with the single Look What You Made Me Do. After the release of the video Swift then sent the eight dancers of the music video a bouquet of white flowers with a card to thank them for not blowing the secret before it went on to become the most watched video in its first 24 hours on YouTube.

To celebrate the year of the rooster

We never really fully appreciate just how big a celebration Chinese New Year is in the west. With the holiday celebrated in 9 countries (not counting other nations that celebrate the Lunar New Year at the same time) it is loud, colourful and a wild party all round. One man from Jilin province in China decided to go big and sent his girlfriend a very thoughtful gift, in the shape of bouquet of banknotes shaped into flowers worth £1,100 to wish her good fortune at the beginning of the year of the rooster. We think it did the job on that front.

A divorce

Get you tissues ready as this, while being a bit strange, is a truly tragic reason to send someone flowers. As reported in the Daily Mirror a man sent his ex-wife a bouquet of her favourite flowers the day that their divorce was finalised after 19 years of marriage. As shown in a photo taken by the man’s daughter the message accompanying the flowers said “Always gonna be you. Now if you’ll please excuse me, I seem to have something in my eye.

To mock your enemies

Flowers are often sent out of love or to express kind wishes. However, in some cases flower can be equally useful to denote hate or apathy too! Here on this very blog, we often spend a lot of time focusing on the positive meanings of flowers but as you’ll see here there are a whole host of types that can be used to send passive aggressive messages such as “you’re useless”, “you’re an idiot” or even “I’m cheating on you”. There is indeed a darker side to flowers.

To your tax man

No one really enjoys the process of calculating and paying your taxes every year, however like death it is a necessity. However, during March and April in the USA tax season takes its toll on tax professionals which leads us neatly to this guide on what flowers to send to thank your accountant or tax professional for their hard work. It won’t look like a bribe at all, honest!


Would you ever send flowers for any of these reasons or do you think these people shouldn’t be allowed near fresh bouquets at all? Tell us your thoughts, or if you’ve ever sent flowers for these reasons, in the comments below.

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