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Say your office mate has been ill for some days and away from their desk. There isn’t much you can do for them apart from wishing them good health. Sending get well wishes to them is always an important and meaningful way to let them know you care.

In this article, we cover everything you need to know about get well wishes:

Why Send Get Well Wishes?

Being sick can be a very trying time. We all know someone who had to go for an operation and was bedridden for weeks afterward. Perhaps that person was you. It’s particularly difficult if you didn’t see it coming and didn’t have the opportunity to plan your bed-rest time and make arrangements for your other responsibilities.

During a time of illness and recovery, it can mean a lot to have supportive friends and family there with you every step of the way. It’s not at all easy to go through it alone, whether it’s a tooth extraction or a major operation or illness. Having people to help, check up on you, and be there for you can make so much of a difference.

Even the people who aren’t your close friends and family can make your experience a little bit better by wishing you well. It shows that they acknowledge what you are going through and only have good wishes for you.

So, regardless of how close a person is to you, if they are someone you know fairly well and are in communication with, it’s only thoughtful to send get well wishes. You can do this in person, through an email or text message, or by phone call. It all depends on what is most comfortable for you and them. Your message, visit, or call can encourage them, cheer them up, and help them take their mind off their current situation, even if it is just for a brief moment.

What to Say in a Card or Note

You have decided to send get well wishes to someone. Another thoughtful way to do this is by using a card. These are easy to find in a bookshop or grocery store. You can find one that is appropriate for the relationship you have with the person. Many get well soon cards have a short message in them already, but you can always use a plain one to write your own message,

When it comes to finding the right words to write on the card, there is no simple formula, but we do have some suggestions for you:

  • Say that you wish them well. You can say anything from “Get well soon” to “I wish you a speedy recovery.”
  • Input some humor if you can. If you work with the person, remind them that you miss them and cannot wait to have them back at work.
  • Keep it short and simple. This means leaving out lots of details about their illness. Remarks that could be offensive to them in some way should be avoided. If they are recovering from something, then get well wishes are very welcome. If their situation is more complex or chronic, you may need to be more careful about how you word the card so as not to downplay what they are going through.

You cannot go wrong when you simply express that you wish the very best for them. Your card can be hand-delivered or sent in the mail. You can also include a small gift just to cheer up the person.

Get Well Gift Ideas

It’s not a must to give someone a get well soon gift, but it could certainly brighten up their day. If they are bedridden for a few days or weeks at the hospital and at home, it could be thoughtful to offer them something practical. One of the most common get well soon gifts is a fruit basket. Fruits are a healthy choice and a fitting gift for someone who is ill. They might not have much of an appetite for other foods, but fruits are easy to eat and a go-to gift.

Another great gift for someone recovering from some ailment is a bouquet of flowers. A warm and cheerful arrangement can really brighten up their day, especially if they are spending most of their time in a hospital room or indoors in general. There are so many great flower ideas when you have a sick person in mind. You can visit the FloraQueen website for great bouquets you can have delivered to their home. You can even include a card. It’s easy to order and send flowers to your loved one even if you live in different cities or even countries.

There are other gifts you can consider, depending on the person’s current state. Maybe they have to stay home for some time and don’t have much else to do except to watch television. You can bring them a book, some board games, magazines, newspapers, or whatever else they might like to do in all their spare time.

If you are able to spend time with your loved one, you can visit them regularly, bring them items from home if they are in the hospital, and take them to the park if that is possible. There are so many ways you can be there for them if you are creative or if you simply ask them what they want. You can also offer to assist them with various chores and responsibilities that they may not be able to do during the time.

When someone is unwell, it helps to have friendly faces around who are offering support and well wishes. Sending get well wishes to someone in your life is easy to do and can make a real impact on them. All you have to do is show that you care, and if you wish to include a card or a gift, then that can be a kind and welcome gesture as well.

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