Fourth of July – 4 tips for a fun and safe holiday

Fourth of July

Fourth of July is arguably one of America´s favorite holidays. Often called Independence Day, it is a federal holiday commemorating the Declaration of Independence being adopted on July 4th, 1776. Not only does it have significant historical meaning but it is widely known as one of the most fun celebrations of the year. A celebration that has been enjoyed nationwide for years and years. July 4th thousands will flock to their favorite beach or park to spend the day picnicking and relaxing with family and friends. Common Fourth of July traditions include: parades, BBQ´s, fairs, baseball games as well as political speeches or ceremonies. It is a great way to kick off a summer of sunshine and fun!

The most popular tradition of them all, however, is the infamous firework display. Bright colorful explosions in the sky enjoyed by both young and old alike.

Fourth of July

So how can you ensure that you and your family stay safe this Fourth of July? Follow these simple safety tips to make sure that your Fourth of July goes off without a hitch!

Check the rules

1. First and foremost always use legal fireworks and only in areas that they are permitted. Many cities and counties throughout the states do not allow you to buy or light your own fireworks. Be sure you know your cities regulations. If fireworks are prohibited in your city do not attempt your own firework show. Enjoy the ones that will be put on by local cities or parks.


2. If using your own fireworks is allowed in your city be sure to always have a portable fire extinguisher nearby in case of fire. They can be easuly purchased at hardware stores throughout the country. Check your local hardware store ahead of time as items like these will be in popular demand closer to the event. It is wise to familirize yourself with how to use the extinguisher ahead of time as well.

Fourth of JulyClean the Area

3. Be sure that the area in which you are lighting the fireworks is open and free of dry brush/grass, debris, trees or paper decorations. Over 50,000 fires are caused by fireworks each year and many of these can be easily prevented by first ensuring that the area is clean and ready.

Adults Only

4. Never allow children to handle or light fireworks. They should always be handled by an adult, holding it away from themselves and pointed in a direction away from others. Always read the instructions of each firework carefully before using it. And never try to use more than one at once.


So as you are preparing your potato salads, your barbecued ribs and slicing up that cold watermelon, remember to keep these tips in mind to ensure that people all throughout America are able to enjoy Fourth of July safely with their friends and family.

Fourth of July

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