5 Amazing Flowers to Welcome Spring in Style

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Spring is the perfect time for flowers, as they start appearing again after their winter slumber. To properly celebrate this magical time of the year and welcome spring in the best possible way we’ve picked out five amazing flowers you can gift to your loved ones; or to yourself to make your home more colourful and fresh.

These were our favourite flowers to welcome spring:


Field of red, yellow and pink tulips

There’s probably no flower more emblematic of spring than the humble tulip. Depending on the type of tulip that’s being grown these colourful blooms can spring up between March and May. With exotic hues of purple, red, yellow and pink and the fact they signify love and imagination they’re amazing flowers to inspire a special person with as spring arrives.


Red roses in a garden

Roses aren’t only spring flowers but their blooming petals definitely add some extra class to spring time. Garden roses will usually start to open up around mid spring, luckily however if you want to surprise someone with some fresh roses in spring roses can be gifted practically all year round due to the international flower market.


Bluebell flowers in a field

Bluebells are a marvellous wild flower that we’re treated to every year as the snows melt and the warmth of spring takes hold. Sometimes carpeting woodland entirely between April and May, these beautiful blue flowers offer a rustic edge to any gift you want to send during spring time, or if you’re growing them in your garden, to attract insects like bees and butterflies.

Cherry Blossom

Pink cherry blossom on a tree

If there’s one way to tell that it’s spring, it’s to see that the cherry blossoms in the tree have bloomed. These beautiful flowers are the stars of events such as Hanami in Japan and Korea and carry with them a grace and serenity that makes them one of the most popular flowers to welcome spring with.
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field of yellow daffodils with orange trumpet

Daffodils may only be around for a short time at the beginning of spring but they’re a treat to behold. As the birth month flower for March in the UK and USA they’re already a fantastic gift to give at this time of year and as they also symbolise a high regard for your recipient they’re bound to be met with a smile.

Perhaps these flowers will help you to properly add some spring to your or a loved one’s home or maybe you have another type of flower that helps you get spring off to a natural start. What do you think of our choices for spring flowers? Tell us in the comments what flowers you would send to welcome spring this year?

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