Top 5 ideas for new baby gifts

new baby gifts

The start of a new life is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful moments in the world and is often a moment that you will always remember. New baby gifts are just one way in which families, friends and acquaintances like to join the celebrations by congratulating the family and welcoming the new born to our world. Here at FloraQueen, we’re here to help. Here are our top tips to make sure that you give the warmest of welcomes to the new addition!

Diaper cake

new baby gifts

Practical and cute, this diaper cake is ideal for all that a new baby could need. With plenty of diapers, a pair of socks, a flannel, a soft toy and a card, you can send all of your love and affection for the latest addition to the family. If you can’t be there to lend a hand looking after the baby, then there’s no better way than with a gift which is not only eye catching and cute, but also useful! Blue is also a popular neutral colour or colour for boys when it comes to new baby gifts, and it also comes in pink for girls!

Bouquet of flowers

new baby gifts

Perhaps more for mum than the baby, but flowers are always one of the most popular new baby gifts! Pink roses are symbolic of admiration, which you’re sure to want to express to the parents, yellow roses show joy, just like the new life that has been born, gerberas are representative of childhood, and then the bouquet is completed with a mix of alstroemeria, gerbera mini, solidago and greenery. Clearly, this bouquet is ideal to express all of your emotions and feelings when a new baby is born!

Teddies and chocolates

new baby gifts

Just what is needed for all! A nice, soft, cuddly teddy bear (or three!) for the baby, and some sweet chocolates for mum and dad. They’ll certainly be needed, as they won’t be getting much sleep in those early nights, and a sugar boost from delicious milk, dark and stracciatella chocolates is sure to keep their energy levels high and keep going through the night to try to get the new born baby to sleep! Help them with this set, and mum and dad will enjoy some delicious energy boosters and the youngster will have something to hold on to while they enjoy their first few nights sleep.

Relaxation set for mum and dad

new baby gifts

After all of the stress of childbirth, and then with their bundle of joy wailing away through the nights and needing constant love and attention, mum and dad will be desperate for a bit of relaxation! The fourth of our top 5 new baby gifts is this kit which is sure to help them lay back and have a moment’s peace. This complete set includes six different aromatic soaps, a facecloth, a scented cushion, a soap bag, a small scented sack and a soap dish with beads to ensure that their bath becomes the ultimate relaxation experience and lets them escape into their own world in their moment of peace and quiet.

Something for everyone

new baby gifts

If you want to get a gift that will please mum, dad and baby, but doesn’t cost you the earth, then this gift set is ideal! When it comes to new baby gifts, it doesn’t have to be all about the new born! This set includes a cute soft toy for the baby, but also includes a special treat for mum and dad. With some rich chocolates for dad, and a “Crystal Pavé” White necklace and earring set with Swarovski crystals, mum is sure to look as classy and elegant as always, even if she is trying to get by on a couple of hours sleep a night at most!

Now that we’ve give you our top tips in your hunt for new baby gifts, you can welcome the latest addition to the family in the best way possible. Welcome them with love, warmth and attention, and enjoy the start of a beautiful life! There’s no better way to congratulate the family with a gift. 

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