May Customer Of The Month: Eleonora Tozzini

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Here at FloraQueen, we share thousands of bouquets every year. For each one of those floral greetings, there’s an individual story and message being sent. We’ve decided to dedicate a little bit of time to those stories by focusing on just one with our customer of the month, by sharing a few words from them about their experience. For May we’ve chosen Eleonora Tozzini, who told us all about her experience of sending flowers from the US to Italy in time for Mother’s Day.

Let’s hear what she had to say about her experience of sending Mother‘s Day flowers with FloraQueen:

Can you tell us about yourself in a few words?

I’m 43 years old and I live in Chicago, IL where I work as Research Chemist. I’ve been living here since August 2017 but I’m originally from Italy. Obviously, my career keeps me pretty busy, although I really love my job. In my spare time I love to work out, maybe 3-4 days per week.

How did you first hear about FloraQueen?

I first came across FloraQueen whilst looking on Google for a florist service that could deliver a bouquet to Italy from the US.

Which bouquet did you choose for your last purchase and why?

I wanted to find a bouquet to send to my mom for Mother’s Day and I chose your Natural Poetry: Lilies and Roses bouquet to surprise her with. I was originally planning to send her a lighter bouquet, but in the end a friend and colleague suggested the one I chose, with its pink lilies and white roses.

Who did you buy this bouquet for and what was the occasion?

I bought this bouquet for my wonderful mom as a Mother’s Day gift.

What was the reaction of your recipient?

She was overjoyed to receive it!

bouquet of pink and white flowers on table in living room
And this was the bouquet in all its glory

Do you usually send flowers to your loved ones?

Yes, I usually send her flowers.

Do you usually keep flowers at home?

Whilst I love flowers, I don’t often have them at home.

Why do you think flowers are the best way to make someone smile?

I think they make people smile because of their colours. Flowers normally inspire love and friendship and I frequently send flowers as a gift for important people in my life, like my mom.

What kind of flowers do you like to receive? What do they symbolize for you?

I like roses the best. They’re one of the best ways to represent love symbolically.

What is the one thing you would recommend about FloraQueen over everything else?

I felt FloraQueen’s attention to detail set them apart from the other online florists out there.

We’d like to thank Eleonora for taking the time to answer our questions and share her experience. Be sure to check back next month to hear from another customer who shared smiles with the help of flowers.

If you’d like to share a message of love and joy of your own with fresh and beautiful roses, be sure to visit our page dedicated to rose bouquets. Send flowers worldwide with FloraQueen’s delivery service to ensure that flowers and smiles always reach those you love.

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