Sending Condolences through Funeral Plants

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Funerals are a tough time for many individuals. Knowing how to show sympathy and support for a person can be difficult. The thought of saying the right words or the fear of saying the wrong words may be overwhelming. In that case, the best thing to do is to show support with a gesture; likewise, this gesture can involve many different things based on the nature of your friendship. An ideal gift for these times maybe a potted plant; plants have a way of providing comfort to grieving individuals. Potted plants can live on for a long time, which can help honor the deceased individual for years to come.

In this article, we discuss:

* Indoor potted plants for funerals

* Outdoor potted plants for funerals

Indoor Potted Plants

Indoor tropical plants make for excellent funeral plants. They are different than traditional flowers, making them ideal for honoring the death of unique individuals. The hosts of the funeral can bring home the plants to grow and care for them in the remembrance of the deceased. This is a particular way to pay tribute to someone who has passed.

Peace lilies are beautiful plants for a funeral. They have long, dark green, oval leaves that can be quite striking when used to contrast other flowers. Peace lilies produce lovely white flowers that look quite different from blooms; they usually are included in other flower arrangements. When the funeral is over, this plant can be taken home and grown as a houseplant. Peace lilies are very forgiving in terms of light exposure. They are happy to grow in dark corners, making it easy to find a place for them in any environment.

Scarlet star is a unique looking house plant. It produces spiky green foliage with red spikes in the center of the plant. From here, small white flowers form. People often think the red parts of foliage are the flowers of the plant. Though they technically aren’t, they are still fascinating to look at. Again, this plant can be taken home after the funeral and grown in the home. This is a unique funeral plant that is meant to honor an exceptional person’s life.

The flaming sword is another interesting option for a funeral plant. The foliage color falls somewhere between brown and green tone. Brown foliage usually means a plant is dead, but that is not the case here; it is actually a charming color that is not common amongst other plants. A bright red or flaming red, comes out of the center of the plant in a rosette shape. From here, it is topped with a bright yellow flower. This plant is non-traditional for funerals, so it should be used at a time where tradition is not expected.

Lastly, the urn plant is yet another tropical plant that can make a good funeral plant. They too, are tropical plants that can be used to honor a person at a funeral and then taken and grown as a houseplant. Their foliage is a wonderful grey-green color; some people say the leaves look as though they are painted with chalk. Pink spikes grow out of the center of the plant. From those leaves, purple flowers are produced.

Outdoor Potted Plants

Perhaps you are more comfortable giving your friend an outdoor plant. Indoor plants can be intimidating if you don’t know what you are doing. If you think this may be the case for your grieving friend, consider giving them an outdoor plant instead. Many outdoor plants can live on a table indoors for a little bit. Then when the weather is beautiful, the recipient can plant the flowers in the garden.

Daisies are a beautiful perennial for any funeral; they come in all colors and sizes. Therefore, if white is the color of choice, there is a daisy available. However, if you are attending a funeral where the idea is to celebrate the person’s life, daisy can be purchased in brighter colors. Some funerals are transitioning from being moments of sadness into being a celebration of life. This is when brightly colored daisies come in handy. Daisies are a cheerful flower that adds a sense of lightheartedness to a room. Depending on the color, daisies can either emote sympathy or joy.

Tulips are a wonderful potted plant for a funeral. They also come in several different colors; likewise, they can even come in a mixture of colors. Tulips are relatively cost-effective, which makes them a natural choice if you are concerned about budget. Tulips that are sold as potted plants are only available in the spring, so be aware that time of year may affect availability. In addition, when it comes time to put them in the garden, they likely cannot be planted right away. It is best to wait until fall to plant the bulbs. Otherwise, they may die out or flower at the wrong time of year. If done correctly, next spring, when the bulbs bloom, the recipient can be reminded of their loved one but also the gift you chose to give them.

Roses are usually used as cut flowers in an arrangement. However, a rose plant may be another excellent alternative. Rose plants come with a variety of growth habits. Tea roses are a miniature variety and make for great centerpieces, while climbing roses are quite tall when in a pot and when planted in a garden are happy to grow up a trellis or the side of a house. Climb roses have an abundance of flowers, and are arguably some of the most striking in appearance. No matter the type of plant you choose, roses make for excellent funeral plants.

Final Thoughts

There is a reason that plants and flowers are a traditional funeral gift. Plants are calming in nature and can provide a sense of peace to those who are experiencing sorrow. Giving someone a plant that lives on for many years is an excellent way to pay tribute to the deceased. Your gift recipient can be reminded of their loved one for many years as they care for your potted gift.

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