Great Perennial Flowers to Plant This Year

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If you have a green thumb, you probably put a lot of thought into which flowers and plants to add to your garden. It’s also important to understand the growing seasons so that you take appropriate care and know when to expect blooms. Even if you are not much of a garden person but want an easy way to start, we have great news for you. Perennial flowers are always a great choice for many reasons, and we cover some of the main ones here. If you are looking for some inspiration on new flower varieties to plant, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we give you suggestions on which perennial flowers to try:

What Are Perennials?

Plants can be categorized according to how long they live. These could be flowers, vegetables, shrubs, or trees. Many plants live only for one growing season, while others can live for years and years. The name given to plants that live for only a year is annual plants or annuals. Common examples include flowers such as petunias and impatiens and vegetables and crops such as peas and corn. Plants that live for 2 years are known as biennials. Examples of these are parsley and foxglove. Perennial plants or perennials are plants that live for more than 2 years. As already mentioned, this term isn’t reserved for only flowers but for a range of plants. We get into flower examples of perennials a little later.

Top Reasons to Add More Perennials to Your Garden

There are lovely flower types in the annual and biennial categories, so why focus on perennials? There are a few reasons why growing perennials can reduce your workload and still give you a garden that wows. Here are two important ones.

  • Because perennials survive for more than two growing seasons or years, you don’t have to replant them each time. A lot of work goes into preparing the garden, keeping the soil nourished, and planting the flowers. If you’re working with annuals, this is a routine that you have to get used to. Once winter comes along, that’s the end of that annual flower bed until you restart when the weather warms up again. Gardening is an enjoyable hobby, but with busy schedules these days, there might not be enough time to do all that you might want to do.
  • While we’re talking about saving time, it’s also important to mention that perennials are generally low maintenance. You can achieve beautiful blooms year in and year out without the constant monitoring that many annuals require.

With less time and work, perennials still give you beautiful annual blooms. This is why many families choose perennials in their gardens all over the country. Your garden is sure to look the way you hoped for. When you begin with starter plants when summer is approaching, you can get your first blooms out even faster.

Some Perennial Flowers to Add to Your Garden

We have put together a sizeable list of some great perennial plants to consider for your flower garden. Now you know why perennials are a great choice. Here are some varieties that bloom all summer long.

Dalmatian bellflowers are beautiful, bright purple blooms. They are enough to liven up your garden and home. Once you plant them, you can continue to enjoy them for years. Many people like to use them as edging plants. They can also fill up gaps and spillover concrete retaining walls.

The lenten rose is a great choice because it blooms all year long. It doesn’t shy away from even the worst weather and is one of the few flowers that you can see in full bloom even while there is still snow on the ground.

The black-eyed Susan is a very popular bright yellow flower. In some ways, it looks a bit like a sunflower, and this could be one of the reasons why more and more people plant this perennial. Unlike the sunflower, however, the black-eyed Susan doesn’t need much maintenance at all.

For a sweet-smelling flower, consider the valerian. From as far back as the 16th century, people were using valerian flowers as a form of perfume. The plant grows quite tall and can reach 5 feet. Valerians are a good choice if you are looking to plant something against a fence or around your house circumference. Another option is Russian sage. These are small flowers that grow in number. They can also grow high and are often used to cover concrete bases.

Dahlias come in a range of bold colors. Their fine petal arrangement is a beautiful sight. Dahlias are easily introduced into a new garden or an existing one. What’s unique about this plant is its love for the shade. Although it is a perennial, it grows tuberous roots, and these must be replanted in spring after the resting stage in winter.

The butterfly weed is another perfect choice. Despite the name, this flower is a beautiful and delicate yellow and orange bloom. The plant grows very easily, just like a weed, so this is a good pick for low maintenance flowers.

The final pick for today is lavender. Lavender is a herb that grows small purple flowers in great numbers. It is a low maintenance plant, and all you have to watch out for is that it doesn’t spread beyond the space you want to assign it. In addition to the floral beauty, your garden gets a sweet scent. Lavender has many medicinal and culinary uses and is a fine choice if you want to explore these further.

Perennial flowers can beautify your home and garden year in and year out. They are usually low maintenance, which is good news for many busy garden owners. There are different shapes and sizes, whether you are looking for a conventional flower or a multi-purpose plant. You can also cut up a few and carry the sweet smell and lively colors into your home when you display them in your kitchen or dining room.

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