The Most Beautiful Annuals That Bloom All Summer 

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The most beautiful garden flowers are always the ones that love the sun and can survive the hot climate in the summer days. If you want to have a spectacular garden, you have to think of a few varieties of flowers that might bring an explosion of color and joy in your garden, enhanced by the bright sun in the summer days. These plants are usually planted each year, thus known as annuals. We hope you enjoy reading in the following lines about:

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What Are Annuals That Bloom All Summer

If you want to have extraordinarily beautiful flowers in your garden that can bloom many months and beautify your summer and life, you need to plant a few varieties of annuals that bloom in the summer. These plants differ from the perennial plants mainly in that they live and bloom only one season and, if you want them for another season, they must be replanted.

So, every spring you have to buy new plants and seeds, and, besides that, it requires a little more work than the perennials. If you are planning to plant them in your garden for many years, you should take care of their bulbs so that they do not to freeze over the winter. Your work with annuals is rewarded by their spectacular blooms from early summer to late autumn, depending on the variety.

You can change the annual plants in your garden, year by year, depending on their beauty and on how you want to manage your garden. So, annually, you could improve the design by experimenting with varieties. What is easy with these plants is that they can be grown annually from seeds, which is quite easy. You can beautify your garden with layers of flowers with a mix of different varieties and create a special color effect and a unique floral architecture for your garden.

These annuals grow well in pots, but you should be careful with the choice of your pot size because these plants like to have more space and if the pot is too small, the plant dries. These plants need to be watered more often in order to grow optimally. The next section helps you get familiar with some of the most beautiful annuals that bloom all summer.

Some Impressive Annuals That Bloom All Summer

The sunflower, also known as the Mexican flower, the Peruvian, or American chrysanthemum, is native to North America, more specifically Texas. Apart from the very sunny, tall, and golden yellow variety of sunflowers, they have extremely tasty seeds that are used in various culinary preparations and also in the food oil manufacturing industry. There are varieties of garden sunflowers, extraordinarily beautiful, that resemble daisies and have wide-ranging colors. These annual varieties of tiny sunflowers would make your garden look great and they are also very easy to care for. The flowers appear from summer to fall, and each flower lasts between eight and ten weeks.

Portulaca grandiflora has its place of origin in the hot and dry fields of northern Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil and belongs to the Portulacaceae family. The plant has cylindrical stems, with a tarred appearance, very branched and green in color, but in the sun, they acquire reddish specks. Portulaca grandiflora has succulent and cylindrical leaves. The flowers are variously colored (white, yellow, pink, red, purple, and cyclamen), they have five petals (single flowers), with many yellow stamens. You can plant the portulaca to obtain floral carpets on the edges of the sidewalks, or between concrete slabs, when arranging the rocks or on stony areas, near curbs or stone walls, but also in planters or hanging pots. In any case, you can enjoy the portulaca flowers from June to October.

The petunias are the basic members of the Solanaceae family. Originally from South America (Argentina and Brazil), the petunias conquered Europe – and not just Europe, relatively recently – towards the beginning of the 19th century. The petunias are among the most spontaneous and beautiful flowering plants that are extremely resistant and very unpretentious. The petunias are the flowers of a thousand colors, blooming from the beginning of summer until the middle of autumn. One of the great qualities of the petunias is its diversity of colors that are extremely varied and pleasant – from white, pink, yellow, red, violet, blue, or numerous combinations of these colors, but also the repeated flowering of the plant with minimum requirements.

Dahlia is native to Mexico, Central America, and Colombia. The care of dahlia may vary depending on the area, but in general, it does not have many requirements and conditions to grow and has, therefore, become very popular. The potted dahlia is a great decorative idea for terraces or balconies.

To have a garden with impressive flowers and vivid colors, add dahlias among the other garden flowers and the effect can be according to your expectations. Plant the dahlia on rich, well-drained soil with lots of organic matter. Apply water-soluble fertilizer monthly or twice during the plant’s vegetation period. Avoid using a high nitrogen fertilizer as the plant might have fewer flowers and fewer leaves. The flowering period of the dahlias is in summer and lasts until late autumn.

The annual begonia plants (Begonia semperflorens) are extremely suitable for your garden, are simple to care for, have attractive leaves, and large flowers. Begonia’s origin is from tropical and subtropical climates. If the climate in your area is extremely hot in the summer, plant them in your garden in a spot in which they can benefit from the shade in the afternoon. They have beautiful pink or red flowers.

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