Plants that Flower in November

November Calendar

November is here already, bringing with it the usual colder air and darker nights. It may not be winter just yet but it’s nearly here. It’s not all doom and gloom however, as November is a far more colourful month than you may realise. Most people think that this late in the year isn’t a time for flowers and in the majority of cases they’d be right. That said, there are in fact some flower rebels who break the normal rules when it comes to November flowers.


Basket of Chrysanthemums outside

Chrysanthemums are very appropriately the birth flower of the month as they often bloom as late as November. These classic and varied flowers are able to withstand some of the changes in climate at this time of year and continue to bloom up until the winter frosts start. Coming in pinks, yellows, whites and reds it has a bit of everything you need to make November seem a little sunnier.

Lily Turf

Purple lily turf

A plant with many names (“Big Blue” and “Monkey Grass” being our favourites) that is also known for its mighty flowers, which can withstand not only cold weather but also most pests and bacterial maladies. A truly strong flower which even produces small pink berries during the Autumn season.


Orange Alstroemeria

Is it a lily or isn’t it? The short answer is no, although it is often called the “Lily of the Incas” due to it’s origins in South America and its similarity to lilium plants. The Alstroemeria is the ideal flower to bring some colour to your garden or your home in November. With bright hues and its distinctive almost tiger-like markings it’s pretty obvious why this is such a popular November flower.


Red Hesperantha

It’s no surprise at all that this refined and well formed flower is sometimes known as “November Cheer” due to its sturdiness in the colder Autumnal weather and it’s happy colours at this chillier time of year. Coming in reds, pinks and whites it’s easy to see how this flower could bring a little joy to someone’s garden or bouquet.


Despite the fact that most people think blooming flowers are the preserve of only Spring and Summer, it’s clear to see there’s a lot more happening with flowers at this time of year than most people really think. Nature once again proves that it is full of surprises and that flowers are a lot tougher than you would think. If you know someone expecting a birthday in November then you know exactly what flowers to get them.

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