Birth Month Flowers For June

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Giving flowers for a birthday is something that is quite traditional, but this year instead of giving any old bouquet that looks pretty, why not give one with a meaning?

Birth Month Flowers for June

Flowers have got hidden messages which dates back to Victorian times when secret messages where exchanged through the giving of flowers. The colour and type of flower all have meanings unique to them and this is no different for the month that you were born in. Birth flowers sometimes have their meaning set way back into pre- history and have mythical stories attached to them.

So what type of flowers should you send to someone who has a birthday in June?

The flower for a June birthday is a rose, traditionally a red rose is the universal symbol of love. Luckily, roses and their colours come with other meanings. White – you are heavenly, White and Red – we are inseparable, Orange – secret love. The other flower associated with June birthdays is Honeysuckle; this flower has a very strong perfume and a unique shape and it looks wonderful in a mixed bouquet.

What kind of bouquet should I send for June birthdays?

It is nice to add a mixture to your bouquet. Roses work well with everything, add some smaller flowers in so the roses aren’t dwarfed by a larger, more overpowering bloom. You can go for a contemporary look by using just a few stems of roses and some large leaf evergreen foliage or you can mix it up with a simple stem of berries for a more rustic feel.

How can I make my June birthday bouquet really stand out?

If you are really out to impress, why not integrate some pearls into the bouquet? Pearls are the birthstone for June and can make a stunning addition if interspersed throughout. The characteristics of the flowers you choose can be used to reflect the nature of the person. So, for example, you could choose a flower that you think looks lively and happy or look at the alternative flower for this month – the honeysuckle and use its growing and climbing ability to symbolise the person’s inquisitiveness.

Roses are extremely versatile and they are a great flower in a bouquet and Honeysuckle has a powerful scent that evokes memories of sunshine. Everybody loves these flowers and if it’s their birthday then this is even more significant. To know you have gone the extra mile and included their birth month flower in the bouquet will bring a smile to anyone’s face!

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