How to Choose Birthday Flowers – Flowers With a Meaning


It’s always a lovely idea to send someone flowers and let them know you are thinking about them; especially on their birthday. But did you know that flowers have a significant meaning? Flowers have been symbolic at many other life events such as a marriage or to celebrate the birth of a new baby so it makes sense that they should have a role to play on a birthday. Each month has a different flower to symbolize the changing seasons, zodiac sign or mythological deity. The language of flowers originated in Victorian times when speaking about emotion was a social taboo so certain flowers were assigned a meaning so it could be understood what the sender was trying to say. This is why red roses are now seen as a symbol of love etc.

Of course depending on what you are doing for someone’s birthday and if you will be celebrating with them then you can afford to be even more creative. Why not create a display of their birth month flowers? Cakes, decorations and table displays (seek inspiration from our Christmas centrepiece guide) can all be made with birth month flowers and you don’t have to be an expert at floristry to create something special.

Guide to Birth Months and Their Flowers

So to personalise your birthday flowers use our quick reference guide to get you started with your decorating!


The Carnation is a sign of love; fascination and distinction, pink, red, green, red and white are all symbolic for January birthdays.

February – Violet

Violets for those born in February means faithfulness, humility and chastity. Violets have had a hidden message since Victorian times. Violet shades – I’ll always be true and white shades – Let’s take a chance.


Friendship and domestic happiness is a sign of the daffodil given to those with a birthday in March. The daffodil and its bright cheery colours are often associated with happiness and springtime.

April – Daisy

Those born in April can take the Daisy as a sign of gentleness and innocence. This cheerful flower is a symbol that spring has sprung!

May – Lilly of the Valley

Sweetness and humility – these are symbolic for those born this month. Lilly of the valley certainly has the scent reminiscent of sweetness and the flowers gentle fairy like bells are humble amongst their large palm like leaves.


The rose denotes love and beauty and is often given at romantic times to symbolise this; Red being the most passionate colour in this variety.

July – Larkspur

Larkspur symbolises an open heart and attachment, possibly due to its unique shape. Pink white and mauve are the most popular varieties for this month.

August – Gladiolus

Sincerity and strength of character are all symbolised in the gladiolus. Its strong stem and powerful look are all obvious reasons why this flower is given these characteristics.

September – Aster

Love, faith, wisdom and valour are all attributed to this flower. These daisy like flower were said to have been created by Virgo who was saddened by the lack of stars in the sky and where her tears fell to the ground asters grew.


Winning Grace is symbolic of those born in October. These beautiful ever graceful orange blooms of Marigold (Calendula) are often used as herbal remedies and some varieties can be eaten too.

November – Chrysanthemum

For November babies, Love and cheerfulness are symbolic of their flower the Chrysanthemum. They are also the flowers given for a thirteenth wedding anniversary.

December – Narcissus

Respect, modesty and faithfulness are all symbolic of Narcissus, the birth flower for December. The Victorian’s would use these flowers with the hidden message ‘you’re the only one’.

With the choices available it is easy to make a wonderful surprise for someone – If you are not with the person on their birthday why not send a bouquet of birthday flowers made for them and incorporate their special flowers? Nothing can personalise your bouquet more than showing you have really put some thought into the gift as well.

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