How to Celebrate Your Uncle‘s Birthday

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Aunts and uncles are often an integral part of our families. They can be as close to us as our parents, and are often close to our parents as well as their nieces and nephews. However, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to buy birthday presents for extended family. While we may spend a lot of time with them, it can be hard to know what the perfect gift is for somebody who you don´t live with. But never fear! In this article, there is plenty of information regarding how you can go about deciding what the right gift is for your uncle’s birthday. This includes:

How to Figure Out What to Get Your Uncle

 It can generally be difficult to get the perfect gift for someone, even if that person is somebody you are very close to like a partner or a parent. It can be even harder when you are shopping for someone who is part of the extended family, for example. However, there are plenty of tricky ways you can go about figuring out the perfect gift for someone without them realizing what you’re trying to do! Think about your uncle’s interests and hobbies. What does he do for work? If he is passionate about his job, then getting him a gift that is relevant to it will surely be appreciated.

If your uncle’s family are good at keeping secrets, then they should be some of the best people to ask about what he would like or enjoy for his birthday! See if you can get in touch with his partner, children or siblings and ask them for some input and advice on what he would love to get as a birthday present, and how he might enjoy celebrating his birthday with the rest of the family. This is a good way to ensure that you do something he can really love, and there should be no need to worry about whether or not you might choose the right gift for him.

Social media can also be a great way to get some gift ideas for your uncle without him realizing that you are snooping! People nowadays tend to share quite a lot about themselves on these platforms, so if your uncle uses social media it can be a good idea to go through what he has posted and see if you get any ideas for gifts for him or ways that he might like to celebrate his birthday. He may also follow or share content related to his interests, so making note of his activity on social media in this way can be another helpful method for getting gift or celebration ideas for him.

Your Gift Can Be Unconventional

 Your uncle might not be the type of guy who would want a gift that would fit into wrapping paper or a box, and that is totally fine! You can consider giving him an experience somehow instead of a material gift. For example, he might like tickets to a sporting event to see his favorite team, or tickets to a concert of a band that he really likes. If your uncle really loves food, it could be a nice idea to home cook him an incredible meal from scratch, or you could take him out to a nice restaurant to try a new type of food (or maybe have an old favorite). Homemade gifts are often a touching and thoughtful gesture. If you are skilled at knitting, for example, and winter is approaching then you could knit a nice sweater for your uncle from scratch.

Something that has become more and more popular recently is helping somebody learn a new skill or develop an existing one by giving them admission to or membership of a course as a gift.  For example, there are many platforms online now that offer courses taught by an expert in a massive array of subjects and fields. Buying your uncle a place on one such course could be a thoughtful and very practical gift for him, as it can allow him to cultivate an existing passion while getting better at it. You could also buy your uncle a place on a course for something he has no existing knowledge of but has expressed interest in learning about to you.

Give Him a Party to Remember

 Something that is difficult and somewhat underappreciated is planning a birthday party or celebration for somebody. It can be time-consuming and a bit stressful, but if you pull it off well, the person whose birthday it is might appreciate it deeply. You could offer to organize a birthday party or function for your uncle or throw a surprise party! A traditional sit-down dinner is a lovely way to celebrate somebody’s birthday, or you could also organize something like a picnic or day-trip if the weather outside is good. Think about your uncle’s passions and interests, and then try to plan something that revolves around them to give him a birthday celebration he can love.

Giving the Gift Itself Can Be an Event

 If you get creative with the way you give your uncle his gift/s, you can create a really memorable and enjoyable experience for him and the family. It can be really fun and entertaining to hide somebody’s gift, for example. You could also give him something that he definitely won’t like, and then give him his real gift immediately afterwards, to play a bit of a prank on him. You can also turn it into a bit of a game, like getting your uncle to go on a scavenger hunt to find his present. These types of tricks show your uncle that you know his personality and character, and that you have put some thought and effort into making the whole experience enjoyable for him.

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