The Seasonal Flowers That Will Impress The Taurus You Love

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It’s fair to say that Tauruses know what they like. They are known for being quite stubborn in addition to generous and passionate but when it comes to choosing the best seasonal flowers for your special Taurus options can be limited by this rigid nature. We’re going to de-stress getting that all important birthday gift of flowers right for your lucky someone, by helping you see that the ideal in-season flowers to make their already big heart ready to burst with affection are easier to find than you think.

What are the characteristics of a Taurus?

Taurus star sign in coffee foam

People born under the sign of Taurus are known for their determination in addition to their love of the finer things and favour of elegance and refinement. Crucially, Taurus is a sign strongly grounded by the Earth, meaning that not only is there a natural affinity with horticulture and plants but also symbolises their strong nature of commitment to the things they love. The only downside of that determination is that they are sometimes hard to please with new things, preferring tried and tested things over complete surprises.

What is the birth flower of Taurus?

field of poppies in the sun

Poppies are considered the main birth flower for a Taurus however, (fortunately) roses are also considered a key birth month flower for the star sign.

Why do these flowers usually suit a Taurus?

Red roses in a garden

A rose’s refinement and elegance is without question. Additionally they are strongly resilient flowers that can grow even in quite challenging situations and are known for their tough thorns, that offer a great deal of safety and security. This resilience and strength is also shared by poppies which grow even in the most arduous conditions.

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Why to send flowers to your Taurus?

Happy girl smelling rose bouquet

That strong affinity for things of the earth and of nature makes flowers a great choice for your Taurus on their own. If you decide to go ahead and buy roses then you’re also satisfying their desire for things that are tried and tested, considering roses are flowers that make a great gift in almost universal circumstances and of course that desire for all things elegant. The other great thing about roses is that they are almost invariably always in-season, being grown commercially all year round. Roses however generally reach their blooming zenith about this time of year, starting in March and continuing through April and May. They really are a true flower of Taurus.

Flowers, roses especially, tick many boxes for people who want to make their Taurus feel special on their birthday. With their affinity for all things natural and elegant you can be sure this is a gift they’ll love for their celebration.

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