The Best Birthday Present Ever – How to Send Birthday Flowers

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FQ2317vWhen choosing the perfect birthday gift you really want to get it right. Nothing says ‘I didn’t know what to buy you so I got you this bunch of carnations’ more than an ill planned bouquet. Flowers don’t have to look like an afterthought – here’s how you can get it right. The definitive guide on how to send birthday flowers!

  • Put Some Effort Into It
    Flower bouquets can be tailor made for someone – you wouldn’t buy the same bouquet for your girlfriend as you would your Mother or Grandmother. This shows a total lack of imagination and thought, here is where you can be a bit clever with your choices.  Think about her birth month and add some of her birth flowers for that month to the bouquet (seek inspiration from this post Or try adding flowers in her favourite colour and blending them together? Your florist can help you choose flowers that will work well together and will produce the best looking bouquet. If possible it is best to select flowers that are in season as these will look freshest and last the longest.
    Think of the message you want to send, different coloured flowers have a different meaning and they are often symbolic of true feelings. Be careful about what you want to say and to whom you are sending the gift.
    Of course if you are sending a bouquet to a colleague then you may want to focus less on the meaning of the bouquet and look towards the basic cheerfulness of the spray. A bouquet that has a cheery friendly overtone is definitely one for a workmate or friend, something that says, thinking of you and something to make you smile.
    If you think your efforts may be wasted then try adding a card with a little explanation about why you chose the flowers in the bouquet
  • At What Cost?
    A bouquet needn’t be expensive. The cost will depend on the variety of flower that you select. A dozen red roses will be more costly than a bunch of tulips for example but this shouldn’t be a major factor in anything. It is the thought that you put into it that counts. Choosing their favourite flowers – perhaps the variety they like is one of the more costly types so perhaps include just one stem of this particular type in the bouquet. Also bear in mind – your bouquet doesn’t have to be a huge overblown gesture; a small bouquet of the right flowers can be just as pleasing. A small group of hydrangeas or peonies, when they are in season, can look stunning and as remarkable as a larger bouquet. Let your florist know your budget and they will help you choose a selection that is wallet friendly and pleasing on the eye. The obvious thing to do is spend what you can afford, also take into account what the person means to you. If they are very special then perhaps you can afford to spend a little more than you ordinarily would.
  • How To Get Them There
    Whether the person is in the same country or not – there is no excuse for not sending the perfect bouquet. Nothing puts a smile quicker on someone’s face than a bouquet of beautiful flowers unexpectedly arriving at their office or home. Flowers can say a multitude of things without you needing to utter a single word. From a red rose to a sunflower your message will stand out a mile with a carefully selected bouquet.  Work out exactly where you want the flowers to be delivered to – do you want to surprise the person at work? Or would you rather have them delivered to their home? A lot of people love having flowers delivered to them at work and cheering up their day but others may prefer a little more privacy. Your florist can help you work out the best way around delivering them – especially if you can’t be there to see the smile on their face when they are delivered.

The thing with sending flowers to someone on their birthday is you are very unlikely to get this gift wrong. Why not really go for it and send some chocolates and champagne along with the bouquet? Show them that you really want to celebrate! Everybody loves to receive flowers and showing that you have gone that extra mile and included some thought into the gift is sure to earn you massive brownie points and give them a very happy birthday.

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