Cancer: What Are The Perfect Zodiac Flowers For This Star Sign?

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When it comes to celebrating a special occasion for someone who was born under the sign of Cancer the best choices of zodiac flowers may seem tricky. Cancers are a loyal bunch and are known for their kind generosity, so choosing the best flowers to surprise and celebrate their love is crucial.

We’re going to look at all the amazing options you can select to make a special someone with Cancer as their sign know how much they’re loved with the perfect bouquets and flower arrangements.

What are Cancers like as people?

Those with the Cancer birth sign are among the most loyal people you’ll find. This combined with a keen ability to help, strong imagination, generosity and adaptability to changes in life make them intriguing to almost everyone. Family and strong bonds of friendship are among their greatest values. While they keep those they trust very very close, getting to know them is sometimes a challenge. They can also be highly sensitive and emotional, losing their trust can be ruinous for your relationship with them as it is a very hard thing to win back. However, by making them feel secure with care and love they’ll be with you forever.

What are the best Zodiac flowers for a Cancer?

White flowers are considered the best to surprise a Cancer with and are the defacto birth flowers for this sign. The same sincerity and innocence that white flower arrangements often communicate make these the perfect colour blooms to give a Cancer. There are also multiple varieties of zodiac inspired flowers that can also delight a special someone as a gift.


Lilies growing

Beautiful, fresh and elegant lilies are a fantastic choice of flower for many occasions and with their refined petals they add a premium touch to a celebration your Cancer will adore.


white jasmine flowers

Fresh fragrant white jasmine, is a sensual treat at any time. It’s a flower with many uses beyond it’s natural beauty being used for essential oils, teas and herbal remedies. This makes it the perfect flower to enhance the well being of a special recipient with the Cancer sign.


White honeysuckle flowers

There’s almost no flower sweeter than the expressive honeysuckle. With its sweet (and edible!) nectar it’s a favourite with garden friends like bees and hummingbirds. The plant is known for signifying happiness and fraternal connection, making it a perfect accompanying flower if your special occasion is for your brother or sister.

White Roses

White roses in focus

When you want to send a sincere message of love then white roses are one of the best flowers to choose in almost any occasion. With those celebrating under the Cancer zodiac sign, this colour rose is sure to fit their special day.

If the Cancer sign were a flower it would be: An Alstroemeria

white alstroemeria stems

Sensitive, delicate and reserved, Cancers are a real mix of contrasts and contradictions. Their emotional nature is sometimes as difficult to interpret as it is irresistible to explore.

We’ve chosen the alstroemeria as the perfect zodiac flower for a Cancer. Alstroemerias, which are sometimes known as a peruvian lily due to their similar appearance, show their “contradictions” with twisted leaves and small dark streaks in contrast to the colour of their petals. Of course in keeping with the tones we’ve mentioned above, we’d recommend white alstroemerias.

With a few white roses, lilies or other white flowers you have everything you need to celebrate the birthday of a lucky someone born under the sign of Cancer. Which zodiac flowers will you choose to surprise a beloved Cancer in your life?

Send a sincere surprise around the world today in time for a birthday, anniversary or any time you want to tell someone special: “I love you. Our catalogue of white flowers is perfect for any flower deliveries you want to someone special born under the sign of Cancer in your life.


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