Enhancing Generic Birthday Cards to Make them Personalized to the Recipient

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Some enjoy having a stack of generic birthday card on hand. This is a sure way to always have a card ready. Deals are often given when buying generic birthday cards in large amounts. No matter the reason, there are many ways to enhance generic birthday cards so that everyone feels special on their birthday. Celebrating another year of life is a big deal to a lot of people for various reasons. Whether it be a close family member or a colleague, it is considered good etiquette to give a card for a birthday. It can also be much more meaningful than an expensive gift. It is a place to share memories, gratitude, or congratulations on reaching another milestone.

Anything from a store-bought card to an e-card is enough to show your effort in being a part of their day. Add a small gift to the envelope and be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. However, knowing your audience is crucial when deciding how to enhance generic cards.

In this article, we are going to provide some of the best ideas for enhancing a generic birthday card:

* Knowing Your Audience
* Personalizing Store-Bought Birthday Cards
* Small Gifts to Add
* When to Send Electronic Birthday Cards

<h2>Knowing Your Audience</h2>

When it comes to enhancing the card, knowing details about the person receiving the card is crucial. It is the first and foremost thing to consider when enhancing generic birthday cards. A generic or plain card is actually the perfect place to start because the card can be altered to fit the recipient perfectly.

Reminiscing on a memory brings up certain feelings, which of course, need to be positive. Choose a fond memory showing the great times you’ve had together. The same goes for adding a joke to the card. Your boss may not appreciate the same humor your cousin finds funny. It must be relevant and appropriate.

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Age is an import factor as well. Generationally, cards are appreciated and viewed very differently. A relative out of town or younger family member would appreciate a personalized electronic birthday card. Your grandparents, however, not only enjoy physically opening a card, but appreciate the time taken to purchase and add personalized details. Limited access or knowledge of technology also makes it harder for older generations.

Know their interests and hobbies to enhance any generic birthday card, by adding something small, giving it much more meaning.

<h>Personalizing Store Bought Birthday Cards</h2>

There are times when store-bought cards are your only option, so handwriting a personal message is the best idea. The generic cards are meaningless and never say or look exactly the way imagined. Fret not, there are cheap and easy ways to enhance the boring, thoughtless card into something unique. It is a great way to show appreciation, create laughter or congratulations on another milestone. Here are some basic ideas for you to personalize and handwrite in a generic birthday card.

* Thank them for things they have done throughout your life. Show your appreciation and that it has not gone forgotten.
* Reminisce on a fond memory the two of you had. Remind them of the good times had and hope for many more. It shows the bond that has been created and how long they have been in your life.
* Tell an appropriate joke or a funny memory. Humor is a sure way to put a smile on anyone’s face. Always ensure it is age appropriate and results in laughter and not insult.
* Some feel focusing on the age being celebrated is a reminder of how far they have come, whereas others want to avoid the topic altogether. Always know your audience.
* If the card is for someone such as a colleague or a friend of your partner, a deep message does not exist. In this case, send well wishes for the future and thank them for the invite to the party attended.

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<h2>Small Gifts to Add</h2>

Sometimes, being at a loss for words makes it tricky to add a personalized message. To show you have taken the extra step, add something as simple as confetti or glitter. Adding a small item is as expensive or inexpensive as you choose. Here are ideas of items to add, ranging in prices.

* Printing or cutting out photographs is a sure way to personalize any plain card. Seeing a happy memory, a past milestone, or family, is a sure way to know your card is meant for the shelves and not the trash. A small photograph from an old album to be framed or kept in a wallet is just as easy.
* Keychains are a cheap gift, but they can be something personal as well. A favorite sports team or a favorite flower is enough to show you know them and their interests well. Online websites make it easy to upload, edit and order keychains with a photo of your choosing right to your door.
* Stuck on a gift but got the boring card in your hand? Add a gift card. It’s small enough to fit in the card which means it is easily shipped to wherever it needs to go. The cost is however much you wish to spend. There are so many gift cards to choose from, so, knowing their interests is beneficial. Find out their favorite store, subscription or restaurant. If you are still stuck, gift cards that can be spent similar to debit cards are available too.
* Tickets to a movie, show, or sports game, shows you value and want to continue the bond that has been created. To make plans to spend time together in the future doing what they love is the most meaningful message one can send.

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<h2>When is it Appropriate to Send an Electronic Birthday Card</h2>

Electronic cards, also known as ecards, have their time and place. They could be the best or worst option. Reminder or automatic sends can be created to ensure a birthday isn’t forgotten. This is generally the best with out of town birthdays or relative you don’t see often. At times, physical cards are not an option. Maybe you’ve forgotten, or the birthday recipient lives out of town. These are examples where it is okay to send e cards. These cards are easy to personalize and in some cases are fun to watch. Add a link to a website, video or song. Ecards are created in minutes, and sent instantly. Many people are waste conscious, making them more than just the easiest and cheapest option. Showing up for a birthday event empty handed is awkward. This is an example where it is vital to physically have a card and not send an ecard. Coming to a birthday empty handed shows their big day has been forgotten and doesn’t feel special but rather an obligation.

Meta-description: The first step into enhancing a generic birthday card is to know your audience. Know what kind of message or gift to add and when it is ok to send an ecard.