5 Amazing Ways to Make IWD Count For the Women In Your Life

Group of women together.

We all have so many amazing women in our lives and International Women’s Day (IWD) gives us the perfect opportunity to give recognition to all our female friends, colleagues and relatives who make our day-to-day lives special. For some the 8th of March is just another normal working day but with a few small touches you can make it a day to inspire and truly honour the most important women in your life.

Make her feel special


Every woman is different and as such whatever way you choose to surprise a special woman in your life with, it’s best to tailor the day to her. Perhaps treat her to a little of what she likes or simply take some time out of your day to tell her or show her how much you appreciate her and what she adds to your life. Really do something to make the day stand out to her.

Show your admiration


International Women’s Day is all about reminding ourselves why important women make a difference in our world. This is why it’s important to show your love and admiration to an important woman who you know. This can take many forms, perhaps by highlighting some of her achievements or by emphasising and thanking her for all the things she does for you every day. Really show her that she inspires you.

Encourage her to grow further


New Year’s Resolutions may be far behind now (and probably forgotten) but that’s no reason you shouldn’t help her reach her goals. IWD is a perfect opportunity to help her refocus (if she needs to) or lend support if she’s struggling with a difficult problem. International Women’s Day is also a great time to help her start a new and even greater project that will take her to new heights.

Consider the example of inspiring women


There have been so many great contributions by amazing women in history. Take the time to remember some of these inspiring figures and add a little of their wisdom and strength to her day. Perhaps she has a female hero she lives by the example of or maybe today’s the day to introduce her to an amazing but overlooked woman either in history or who is doing good work in today’s world.

Say Thank You


Whatever magic touch she adds to your life, whether it be advice, happiness, support or just love when you need it most, show her your appreciation on March 8th with a kind gift.

These are all little ways that you can add an extra special touch to International Women’s Day this year. Do you have any unique plans to celebrate IWD on the 8th? Tell us in the comments!

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