Why Flowers Are Amazing For Women’s Day (and What Ones to Choose)

Why IWD flowers are amazing

It may seem cliche but flowers are a great surprise for International Women’s Day (IWD). Now it’s totally true to say that they are not the only way to mark the day for a special woman who you want to honour, however they are a great gift that can add an extra layer of festivity to this important day of the year.

Today we’re going to focus on why sending flowers on International Women’s Day is not only a good idea but a great idea, and also what flowers are the best to send and receive on March 8th this year.

Why you should send flowers on International Women’s Day

First of all if the woman you want to celebrate on IWD loves flowers then this doesn’t require much further explanation. However, even if flowers aren’t her first choice of gift normally it’s worth considering the benefits the powerful effect a bouquet can have when thanking someone or making their day better.

A study by Rutgers university for example showed that participants who received flowers as a gift «release a strong and immediate behavior reflecting positive affect» (Haviland-Jones, 2005), suggesting that it’s one of the quickest and most effective ways to make a day stand out as special. Not only that but the same findings also showed that the respondents reported improved mood states over the following days too.

What flowers you should choose for International Women’s Day:


Mimosa Flower

Mimosa is one of the symbolic flowers associated with International Women’s Day (especially in Italy). With it’s bright yellow tone and it’s wavy, spread out blossoms it’s an energetic and lively flower to share with someone special.


red roses

Not only are roses one of the best flowers to send to someone special on any occasion, they also work really well as a flower to send on the 8th of March. This is because they are very popular to give to women in countries like Russia, where IWD is a public holiday.


red tulips

A wonderful spring flower that is both colourful and elegant in form and another popular flower to give in Russia. Tulips are a both seasonally beautiful and look fantastic in a bouquet.


Field of pink lilies

Capturing the essence of femininity, lilies are a beautiful and wonderfully fragrant choice for Women’s Day. Lilies are known for representing many facets of womanhood such as motherhood, beauty and passion so it’s sure to be a hit on the day.


Orange Gerberas

Gerberas are sunny and proud flowers that brighten up a room. Representing adoration and the «sunshine of life,» they are ideal gifts on International Women’s Day.

Whether you choose to send flowers or not on March 8th be sure to mark the day with something special to show the important women in your world just how significant they are to you.

FloraQueen is celebrating International Women’s Day 2019 by taking inspiration from many of the wonderful women we know in our organisation. Choose one of our special bouquets inspired by these amazing women and send the best surprise for IWD.


Haviland-Jones, Jeannette, et al. “An Environmental Approach to Positive Emotion: Flowers.”Evolutionary Psychology, vol. 3, no. 1, 2005, p. 147470490500300., doi:10.1177/147470490500300109.

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