International Women’s Day Flower and Gift Delivery

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International Women’s Day is an important day around the world for women in the fight for equal rights. Celebrated all around the world, in many European countries it is traditional to protest for women’s rights and for men to give the women closest to them a small gift or flower. We’ll give you some clues of how and where you can surprise your lady this International Women’s Day by sending flowers or gifts internationally.

How to surprise her


The traditional gift on International Women’s Day is to send flowers. This beautiful bouquet mixes roses and lilies with greenery has hints of romance and lots of beauty. Lilies are often used to signify grace and elegance, just like the women that mean the most to you.


All women love to look and smell good, and International Women’s Day is no different. You can send a gift to your woman that will help her achieve that. A great option is Bvalgri for Women, thanks to its musky and floral scents.

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Women often end up doing a lot of the hard work in our modern society. Traditionally it has always been the women who have cooked, cleaned and looked after children. On the day of equality make sure that there is a complete role reversal, and leave her to relax in the bath with this great soap set.




This gorgeous white sterling silver pendant will catch the eye of anyone and everyone with it’s sparkling natural diamonds: It’s especially relevant for any women born in April, whose birthstone is a diamond.

Where to surprise her

At home


Why not put her in a great mood for the rest of the day by giving her a good morning gift? You’ll be sure to make her day before it has even begun by doing this!

At work


A surprise sent her to work is sure to cheer up her day. Instead of counting down the minutes until she can leave, she’ll be able to look forward to taking her stunning bouquet or wonderful gift home to enjoy there, or even better, it’ll brighten up her office!

When she’s out with her friends or family


Make a good impression and leave her friends jaw-dropped and the special lady feeling speechless. It’s a day to show admiration to all women, so why not show off the admiration you have for the women closest to you?

On the street


A random act of love and admiration is always appreciated by any woman, and you can show off your love to anyone and everyone walking past.

At a protest


The traditional purpose of International Women’s Day is to protest for women’s rights. Go with her and join the rallies in their cries for equality, and then surprise her with a great gift to inspire her in her fight for more rights for women.

Now you can check out FloraQueen’s wide range of flowers and gifts which can be delivered internationally to make sure that the women closest to you have a great day in their fight for rights. 

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