Your Father’s Day gift inspiration

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For those of you who weren’t aware, Father’s Day falls on this Sunday, so if you haven’t sorted out your Father’s Day gift then you had better get your skates on. We know that you live a busy life and even though you may like to, you can’t dedicate hours to finding his gift. So we have prepared a selection of the gifts that will all leave him open mouthed on Sunday. We hope that we can point you in the right direction to get him an original and thoughtful gift. After all, he deserves something special after all of those fantastics prezzies that he has given you throughout the years.  

What father’s day gift should you choose? 

wallet, cologne and choccies 

OK, we know that a cologne is not the most original gift and perhaps what you and your siblings have been gifting him for years. However, when we say that this is Hugo Boss cologne accompanied by a wallet made of 100% leather and Godiva truffles, then now we are talking. It would be hard to find a nicer Father’s Day gift than this luxurious pack.

father's day gift cologne wallet

A peace lily

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, a peace lily is a great plant to gift to a man. Your Dad will love this a Father’s Day gift because it is so easy to care for, it looks great and actually gives off gases which help to de-stress. So when Dad is having a tough day of work, he can look at the plant, think of you and pause for a moment.

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father's day gift peace lily

chocolate and beer set

Why not spend Father’s Day together in a special place? The basket of beers and chocolates are perfect for you to enjoy together. You can head to a spot were you have shared great memories like the stream where you used to have picnics or the beach where you swam in the summer. Then once there, crack open the cold beers and a pack of chocolate and have a nice chat, which sadly don’t happen enough with our Dads. Father’s Day is the perfect day for a catch up like this!

father's day gift

natural spa day for him

Some dads don’t dedicate enough time to looking after themselves and spoiling themselves as they deserve. So, what do you think about gifting him a Father’s Day gift which will allow him to create a mini spa in the home? Thanks to this basket of spa products from La Chinata, your dad will be able to relax and unwind like never before in his own bath. He will love the natural products made of olive oil such as the revitilising shampoo o the exfoliating sponge. 

la chinata

Chocolate and Rum basket

How many times have you let Father’s Day sneak up on you, meaning that you had to pop out on Sunday morning to pìck up a bottle of wine from the corner shop? This year be a little more original and gift him the ultimate rum set! As well as a fabulous bottle of 7 year aged Varadero rum presented in a lovely case, this gift includes a metal hipflask with accesories and a box of chocolate truffles to accompany the rum.

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father's day pack whisky

a bouquet of flowers, what he wasn’t expecting! 

This year, why not push the boat out and send him a bouquet of fresh flowers? As we always say in FloraQueen, men also deserve to receive flowers as a gift on any special occasion. In this way your dad will be able to enjoy the beauty and smell of our flowers and think of his loving child every time he sees them. Maybe a romantic rose wouldn’t be ideal for a Father’s Day gift, but a bouquet of white flowers such as these should go down a treat.

father's day gift lilies

Have you decided which Father’s Day gift will be the best for your dad? You can’t say that we haven’t given you enough options for all tastes! Let us know how you are you going to spend this special day with your family!