Why Our Pumpkin Inspired Creation is November Bouquet of the Month

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As winter approaches and November arrives the weather is greyer, there’s a clear chill in the air and spirits can get a little low. Luckily we have just the tonic for those seasonal blues with our November Bouquet of the Month. Our Pumpkin bouquet of orange roses, alstroemerias and hypericum is our top pick of the month and as you’ll see, it’s a bouquet that’s perfect for bringing a spring back to someone’s step.

Let’s see why it’s our top bouquet in November.

What this bouquet signifies:

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Rich, round and orange, it embodies all the richness and positive energy of the autumn season and of its namesake. This bouquet is all about positive attitude and energy. It’s here to improve days, widen smiles and celebrate in style.

What flowers are in this bouquet?

Orange roses

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Just a little lighter than a red rose and a little deeper than a yellow rose, orange roses bring just the right injection of energy and passion to this arrangement. Like many orange flowers, these colour roses are all about adding vibrancy and vitality into an arrangement of flowers.

Orange Alstroemerias

Sometimes known as the Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas. It is inspired by a land and people known for the adoration of the Sun. This couldn’t be more appropriate in the case of the orange alstroemerias in this bouquet. Orange flowers have close connotations with the Sun, bringing some much-needed light into the darker days of November.

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Hypericum Berries

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Hypericum (commonly known as St John’s Wort) produces attractive red winter berries but also blooms with yellow flowers. Well renowned for its many health benefits in herbal medicine its yellow flowers as a tea or supplement are able to help soothe mild to moderate depression as well of symptoms of menopause.

The name Hypericum itself means “over a spirit” and it’s a great addition for any bouquet to help renew the spirit of a loved one. As if there weren’t enough there is even one species of Hypericum is even known as Pumpkin Hypericum. All in all, it’s a very fitting addition to this flower arrangement.

Why you should give someone this bouquet:

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With its ability to turn frowns upside down and to warm a home with its bright orange and red hues. It’s ideal to send as a surprise out of the blue to brighten someone’s day, to wish someone a speedy recovery or just help someone enjoy the best November birthday.

Who will you share it with this month?

Impress someone special today with our November Bouquet of the Month. Share Pumpkin today and enjoy a 10% discount on your order and bring smiles to the chillier days this month. 

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