Prepare your home for a baby with a flower delivery and more

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Do you have a baby on its way? If so I’m sure you’ve been thinking for a long time in how to prepare your house to welcome the baby into their new home. There are a few things to prepare to make sure that your house is fit for a baby. And why do we suggest a flower delivery? Well find out later on!

Is your house safe for a baby?

As soon as your child starts to move around the house, each piece of furniture, each edge and each vase turns into a potential danger. Even though there is a still a while till they start to walk when you bring them home, that time will come before you know it. Your house needs to be baby proof!

You should pay special attention to what is secured onto the walls, because painting or mirror could fall and cause your baby a serious injury. Another serious danger is plugs, for some reason they are irrestible to babies! It’s important place covers on all unused plugs in your home.

where are they going to sleep? 

flower delivery cot

The first thing that you need to decide is where exactly is the baby going to sleep? In the first month the normal thing is to put their cot in your room, to make it easy to look after them during the night and to have them close when they cry. However, of course eventually they will need their own space and bed. Ideally the room will be sufficiently big for them to play, close enough to you to hear them crying and with a lot of light, which should help them to keep warm during the winter.

Once you have chosen the room, you will have to prepare it for their arrival. The room must be warm and welcoming. Make sure that it’s neither too cold in the winter nor too hot in the summer. To do this fit double-glazed windows as well as a blind for summer to keep direct sunlight out when needed.

For a new born there is no need to buy tables or chairs, although of course they will need them further on in the future. For this first stage of their life whilst they sleep in a cot, what you will need in the room is a space to change them, their pram and a few things to stimulate the baby.

how should you decorate the room?

flower delivery boy cot

Unless you get cracking on the decoration as soon as you find out you’re pregant, we don’t think that your 8 month pregnant body really fancies painting! You can leave this for after birth, given that for the first month or so they will be sleeping with you.

When you decide to decorate the walls ensure you choose a plastic paint that you will be able to clean with water, this will be essential when your baby’s artistic side comes out and they decide to draw all over the walls. It’s best to go for soft colours which will help the baby to relax when facing up from their cot at the ceilings and walls. The more relaxed they are, the less you will be woken up. So think wisely!

Don’t go crazy filling the room with teddy bears, we promise you are going to receive so many from family and friends that they will have a mountain of teddies as high as Everest. So now we get to the flower delivery part. Why not ask family members to send flowers for the baby? They are a much better gift for a baby than you may have thought.

so, why is a flower delivery a good gift for a baby?

flower delivery baby rose

There are 2 major benefits from having a bouquet of flowers as a source of decoration in the baby’s room. Well what are these? The first is that the flowers scent is proven to relax babies and make them less likely to cry (more sleep, what a result)! A bouquet of roses is great choice for this because it’s scent is less strong than others and is said to have a wonderful calming effect.

The second reason is that the intense colours of flowers provide great visual stimulation for the baby, which is important in early stages of development. This scientific study discovered that babies are most attracted to blue and red, meaning that again a bouquet of roses would be the best choice of flower delivery for your new born. Who knows, this exposure to roses at an early age could make them a real romantic when they grow up.


We hope this has given you some useful tips on how to prepare your home for the arrival of that little bundle of joy. If you take any pictures of your baby with a flower delivery don’t hesitate to share them with us!

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