Where is the best place for plants in your home?

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It’s always nice to have plants at home. Isn’t it? Not only because they are a great decoration but also because they bring a natural feel and more life to your home. If you are someone who loves plants but always seems to have them die early then this blog is for you. Discover our tips on the best place for plants in your home, so that they’re happy and last a long time, and allow you to enjoy their beauty to the max! 

Plants are such a special form of decoration. In addition to decorating a corner of the home, they can fill any space with freshness and life. Although plants are relatively simple to care for, they aren’t your standard decoration. After all they are living beings, so we need to provide them with the perfect living conditions. The problem is that if we don’t know how to care for them properly they can die long before they should do! Even if we know the best place for plants in the home, we have to know how often to water them or how much direct sunlight to give them. Sadly there are many unhappy plants out there, don’t let your plant become one of those! 

Best place for plants dead
What did the plant do to deserve this?

where is the best place for plants in the home? 

Clearly one doesn’t need a large garden to be able to enjoy the beauty of plants. Whether they are big or small, with or without flowers, plants give us a great deal of joy every time that we look at them. Any environment is made more welcoming by a fresh plant, a touch of green makes even the most hostile of environments feel pleasant! Wouldn’t you agree?

You may think that this sounds stupid but I can promise you it’s not. Before buying your plant you should consider whether your house is north or south facing. If the house is south facing then it will receive much more light than a north facing house. So if you do have a north facing house, we would recommend that you buy a resistant plant which doesn’t require much sunlight. If you are south facing then the best place for plants in your home would be in a window so that it can access direct sunlight. However, in the summer consider moving it into a shadier spot as all day sun won’t help too much.

best place for plants window

When searching for the best place for plants in your home there are various other things to take into account. First you need to look for a space which will best fit the plant you have bought. It is also important to be aware of how big the plant is expected to grow because once you’ve found a spot it will be annoying to have to find somewhere else!

Is there an window nearby that will be open a lot? If so, then this is not an ideal place for the plant as air currents have been proven to damage plants. Equally damaging to plants are radiators and other sources of direct heat, so ensure to find a space away from these! 

ideal room for each plant

The different characteristics of each of the rooms in your house make different plants more appropriate for each space. The differing vibes of the lounge, corridor or bedroom suit differing plants.

The reception is a great location for a plant as it the first thing that your visitors see and a plant can help to make a welcoming first impression. As reception areas often have little sunlight a more resistant plant such as a peace lily would make a sensible choice.

There are endless possibilities to get the best out of your lounge with a plant. The living room is without a doubt the best place for plants in your house, because as the name of the room suggests it’s where you do most of your living – so you want to be surrounded by beautiful things, such as plants! Obviously how many plants you can have depends on the space available. Hopefully you have a wide and clear room and can fill it with pretty plants. We have always thought that orchids make for a great plant in the lounge due to their exotic colours.

best place for plants in kitchen

For the kitchen we can’t look past aromatic plants. Cultivating plants such as thyme, basil and mint will fill your kitchen with wonderful smells to create a natural environment as well as providing you with excellent condiments when cooking! These plants are best placed by the window as they need plenty of sunlight to grow to their full size.

best place for plants in kitchen

When it comes to the bathroom we would recommend choosing a plant which deals well with humidity. For this reason oriental plants such as bamboo will work a treat.

We hope that this advice will help you the next time it comes to choosing a plant to place in your home. Which plant are you going to buy next? 

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