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The poinsettia plant is a very common and popular addition to many households and businesses around the world during the Christmas season. Their green and red foliage means they resemble the traditional Christmas colors, and they are one of the most popular plants in the UK every year due to sales around this period. The plant is originally from Mexico, and they just so happen to flower during December and January, which is perfect timing for Christmas celebrations. Many believe that it is a difficult plant to care for, but this is actually not the case with a little background knowledge. This article discusses:

  • Information on Poinsettias and Where to Find Them
  • Poinsettia Care Tips
  • Ways to Use Poinsettias

Different Types of Poinsettias

There are many different varieties of poinsettias that can be found on the market today. While the red and green poinsettia is the most typical and recognizable, they can be bought in a myriad of colors, which have been cultivated by breeders. They are strongly associated with Christmas in many different countries and cultures, thanks not only to their Christmassy colors but also their leaves, which are shaped like stars. Many people think that the red part of the poinsettia plant is made up of flowers, but they are actually leaves, not flowers. The flowers of the poinsettia are at the center, and many people think that they are berries.

Poinsettias are generally quite easy to purchase, especially around the Christmas period. At this time, they can often be bought in huge quantities from the supermarket and other places that sell flowers and plants. It is best to keep in mind that at supermarkets they are not necessarily in the best quality or state, as they are sold in large quantities. If you buy a poinsettia from the supermarket, be mindful of where they are stored or on display, as they might not be kept in the best state, or they may be displayed outside. The plant is native to Mexico, so they are not suited to being stored in cold wintry conditions.

Poinsettia Care Tips

The best thing to do when buying a poinsettia is to look to buy a plant that is healthy and in good condition, so it can last for a decent amount of time without needing excessive amounts of care. A plant that is not healthy requires more care, and it may not survive very long regardless of how well you take care of it. Look at the flowers on the plant- if they are still intact, then the plant is likely healthy and easy to take care of. You also need to have a look at the soil of the plant’s pot before you buy one. Ideally, the soil it is in is moist. If it is too wet or dry, the plant can struggle to thrive regardless of how well you care for it.

Poinsettias can be a little bit delicate, so it is important to make sure that you take care of the plant you have chosen well from the moment you pick it up. For example, make sure it is not exposed to excessive wind when you take it home, as this can be difficult for the plant to manage. It is also important to ensure that the poinsettia has the right amount of water available to it. Poinsettias do best in conditions that are neither excessively wet nor dry, so do not water it too much or let it get too dry.

While you are maintaining your poinsettia, keep an eye on its leaves, as these are a great indicator of the health and condition of the plant. Poinsettias are originally from Mexico, so they do not need a large amount of water in order to do well. It is common for people to water their poinsettias too much or too often, and this causes problems for the plant. All that is necessary for the poinsettia is to give it a small amount of water once every couple of days. However, remember that plants in smaller pots generally need more water. Also, poinsettias generally do better when they are given water that is room temperature.

Poinsettias need a certain amount of both warmth and light in order to thrive. They do not deal especially well with wind, so they should be kept away from draughty and breezy parts of the house or building. It does not necessarily need to be in direct daylight- it is enough for the plant to simply be kept in a room that receives a nice amount of light during the day.

Ways to Use Poinsettias

The poinsettia makes a wonderful foundation for or addition to a flower arrangement. This is a great way to keep using the flower after it can no longer be cared for but still has a nice appearance. In order to use the poinsettia in a flower arrangement, it is best to quickly boil it to remove the sap, and then douse it in cold water to stop the plant from becoming damaged. Then you can arrange the poinsettia however you like, and it should last for up to a week before it wilts too much. It is best to cut off the stems from the plant if you use it in an arrangement, as this makes it easier to put in place.

Poinsettias look wonderful on their own, but they are also great to use as part of decorations, especially during the Christmas period. You can use poinsettias to make up wreathes and garlands, and these look fantastic around the house or hung up on your front door. Another great use for a garland or a wreath is on the dining room table as part of a festive centerpiece. They can be added to the Christmas tree as part of the decorations as well, and they go very well with the deep green of Christmas trees. The effect is especially striking if you have other decorations on your tree like baubles or tinsel.

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