How to Decorate your Christmas Tree with Flowers

Christmas tree with Flowers

Christmas time is coming and while most people draw the line at bringing a live tree into the house, we have a few tips for adding even more nature to your Christmas decor. Over the last couple of years more and more people have been sharing their bold and beautiful floral Christmas tree ideas and of course we couldn’t let the opportunity pass by without joining in.

Today we’re going to tell you how you too can enjoy the magic of a floral Christmas tree in your home this year.

Christmas tree decorated with flowers in rustic home


Now there are two ways to go when you want to make your tree look fancy with flowers:

Option 1: How to Decorate your Tree with Artificial Flowers

This way requires a little less maintenance and has the potential to last longer but still delivers the goods when it comes to making your tree look spectacular.

Step 1: Decide on your design

After you’ve chosen your artificial flowers and decided what kind of colours and style you want for your tree. You could for example pick out some layering materials which can be placed on the branches. This will make sure your flowers can be arranged on the tree securely as you may need some kind of bedding for the stems. It will also add the colour base to your design. There are lots of types to choose from like tinsel or ribbon, or even silver or gold string beads. Alternatively if you want to just use a clean design with just the flowers alone.

Step 2: Wrap any layering material around the tree

Just like you normally would with tinsel or string lights.

Step 3: Carefully place the stems

Start at the top, with a few of your longer thinner flowers and grasses for the top of the tree to make it seem a little more voluminous. Then you can start the process of placing your flowers carefully between the branches and as well as any ribbon or tinsel. If you’re worried that the flowers may fall or be knocked off by children or pets, you can also tie them to the branches with florist’s wire or string so that they stay secure. Be sure to space the flowers out nicely to get the best coverage and colour on your tree.

Step 4: Add the finishing touches

Now is the time to add your other decorations, like baubles and hanging ornaments. If you want to add to the natural feel of your design, then try adding a few winter fern leaves to your tree.

As you can see there’s really nothing to it or you can try:

Option 2: How to Decorate your Christmas tree with Fresh Flowers

Collection of pliers, greenery and string for flower arranging.

This method is fundamentally the same as the previous one. Although there are a couple of extra considerations. First and foremost is keeping your plants fed and hydrated for the duration of the holidays, just like you would with a live Christmas tree. The last thing you want on Christmas Day are wilted flowers.

Luckily there are little tips and tricks you can rely on to make this a less messy affair than it would seem.

Step 1: Trim the stems

Make sure your flower stems are no more than about 10cm

Step 2: Choose your “vase”

Plastic florists tube and flowers

One way is to buy some small flower water tubes (you can get these online or from your local florist). Once you’re ready to set up the tree then simply fill the tubes with a little water (no more than half full) and food if the type of flower is more delicate.

Another cool idea is to buy some clear glass baubles, fill them with water like you would your floral tubes and to simply place then create a hole through the cap for the flower stem to fit through and voila, instant floral baubles!

Step 3: Arrange your flowers on the tree

When arranging the flowers on the tree use a little florists wire or string to keep the flowers firmly attached to the branches and so they stay where you want them to sit (while staying attached to the tubes or the baubles. You can place them individually or in small bunches of about 3-4.

And that’s it!

For many people the Christmas season isn’t a common time to decorate their homes with flowers (apart from the ever faithful Poinsettia) but as you can see, there’s very little effort needed to shake up your Christmas traditions with a few flowers in the right places.

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