Welcome Harmony At Christmas With Our Bouquet Of The Month

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Christmas is usually thought of as a time of peace and harmony despite all the hard work and sacrifice that goes into it. To reflect that we’ve included a very special bouquet in our Holiday season collection. This December, we’re going to help you welcome Harmony at Christmas with our bouquet of the month (and we mean that both literally and figuratively).

Let’s get up close and personal with our number one bouquet for December.

roses and callas with christmas lights

What this bouquet signifies:

It’ll come as no surprise to anyone that this is a bouquet that captures the sense of peace and goodwill that we often associate with the Holidays. However, there’s more to it than just a reflection of tranquillity. It also represents the harmony of the connections between loved ones at the time of year when togetherness, forgiveness and family are so important.

What flowers are in this bouquet?

Red Roses

closeup of callas chrysanthemums and roses

Red roses bring the love that’s commonly expressed during the most wonderful time of the year. Their red passion captures a little of the happiness and excitement we all feel as Christmas draws nearer.

White Calla Lilies

callas roses chrysanthemums closeup

White callas are famous for signifying holiness, purity and faith. This makes them one of the best Christmas flowers around. Whether the person you’re surprising is religious or not, they add a beautiful extra touch to the arrangement with their candle-like shape.

Red and White Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are a meaningful flower no matter the colour. However, in this case, the reds and whites carry an extra significance with the red colours naturally symbolising a declaration of love, with the white flowers complimenting this by giving a sincere message of pure affection and admiration.

Why you should give someone this bouquet:

At this time of year that’s an easy one to answer. Christmas is the perfect time to reach out to someone special no matter the stage your relationship is at. This beautiful bouquet and a well-chosen Christmas card would go hand-in-hand to send a beautiful season’s greetings. The Holidays are a time of making connections with the special people in our lives. No matter if they live near and far, this charming selection of red and white flowers can help you deliver a sweet message at the time of year when the thought really counts.

FloraQueen red rose white calla and chrysanthemum bouquet

We think of Christmas as the perfect time for Harmony and we hope you do too. Let us know what you think of our new bouquet of the month for December in the comments.

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