Our Bouquet of the Month: Sincere Smile

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May is a joyful month, which is full of colour and new life. For that reason, choosing our Sincere Smile arrangement of pink roses, gerberas and chrysanthemums as bouquet of the month was a no-brainer. It’s a smart looking arrangement that is full of fresh pink flowers that are popular the world over and has been carefully designed to send a happy message to whoever receives it.

Let’s get to know a bit more about it.

What does our bouquet of the month signify?

component flowers of sincere smile

With its bright bold shades of pink and it’s tidy rounded design this is a bouquet that signifies joy, happiness, friendship and exuberance. Pink flowers are already well known for communicating friendly affection and that sentiment is given a further boost by the inclusion of gerberas which have historically connoted happiness in the language of flowers.

Let’s look at the exact flowers that make up this bouquet a little more closely.

What flowers can you find in our Sincere Smile Bouquet?:

Pink Gerberas

Pink gerberas and chrysanthemums close up

As stated previously the gerbera daisy is already well know for it’s symbolism for happiness, and this is especially the case for pink gerberas like the ones we use in our bouquet. These sunny pastel pink flowers almost appear to be smiling themselves as they sit happily amongst their companion flowers.

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Pink Roses

Pink rose closeup

Regal, sophisticated and refined, pink roses are the queens of this bouquet that stand tall and proud amongst their neighbouring stems. In pink, roses are believed to signify appreciation and gratitude and, as we all know, transmit deep and tender love.

Pink Chrysanthemums

Pink chrysanthemums

Another beautiful pink daisy that adds an extra touch of prestige, additional cheer and a kind message of long lasting friendship to this bouquet. Chrysanthemums are the traditional flower of choice to give to a mom in Australia on Mother’s Day, in addition to being the symbolic flower of the Imperial family of Japan.

Pink Gypsophila

Bouquet of pink roses and gerberas on table

Behind every good floral arrangement is a strong support plant and in the case of this bouquet we’ve chosen snowy coloured gypsophila. These small white flowers, which are sometimes known as Baby’s Breath, add an ethereal touch to a bouquet and add a sense of purity to this arrangement.

When should you give someone our Sincere Smile bouquet?

pink roses and gerberas with cat

This selection of pink flowers is an ideal gift to wish someone a joyful birthday greeting, a gift to congratulate a couple on a new baby or to give a sincere token of your appreciation or thanks all year round. Alternatively, when it comes time to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day or honour a special women on International Women’s Day this round bouquet would be the ideal present.

Send a sincere smile of your own by introducing our bouquet of the month to a special someone today. Whether they’re celebrating their birthday or you want to make any day special in May, this combination of pink flowers is sure to make someone happy. Save 10% on it today by following this link.

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