What Are The Flowers That Bloom In May?

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We’ve probably all heard of the expression that “April showers bring May flowers” and whilst the weather may always be changeable year-on-year, you can be sure that there the saying is right about one thing. There are numerous flowers that bloom in May.

You may or may not realise it, but the fifth month of the year is the time when many of the world’s favourite blooms burst into life and share their beautiful colours and scents with us to remind us that summer is coming and winter is well and truly behind us.

Let’s take a look at some of them in more detail:


Red Amaryllis

These beautiful South American blooms are a treat to enjoy in May. Sometimes known by the name the Belladonna Lily or the Easter Lily, they come in distinctive red, orange, pink and white shades and communicate pride.


Pink peonies

Peonies are favourites for weddings currently, which comes as no surprise as their bountiful buds burst beautifully with colour. In pinks, whites and even purples, these pastel coloured flowers are perfect to help you share some true May magic.


Blue iris

This beautiful garden favourite, which is also the birth flower of February takes its name from the Greek word for Rainbow and is synonymous with wisdom and courage.


Purple lilacs

Sweet smelling lilacs are another flower to make their appearance during the month. Symbolising the essence of first love and confidence they can also grow up to 10 feet tall.


White magnolia

Magnolias are among the toughest flowers around, with the ability to withstand great cold and strong heat. Unsurprisingly for a May flower, their blooming is seen as natural symbol that spring has arrived.


Pink heather

Heather is another hardy flower which is able to survive the cold winters of Northern Europe. In fact its  It’s purple flowers carpeting the land is a welcome sight to behold and in traditional Celtic cultures it was often given to express admiration for someone special.


mixed pansies

Pansies are bright, varied and happy flowers that carry lots of positive connotations of loving thoughts and thinking freely. In Victorian times they were a secret symbol given to express love covertly.


white freesias

Freesias are a welcome arrival during May, coming in many shades of white, blue, pink, yellow and purple. These bright and colourful flowers are normally given to reflect innocence, trust and friendship.

As you can see May flowers are many and among the most beautiful blooms of the year to decorate gardens and homes. Do you think May flowers are the best the year has to offer or do you prefer flowers from other months of the year? Let us know in the comments.

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