Strawberry Flowers meaning: beauty and joy

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Strawberry flowers are small, five-petaled, white or pink flowers that grow on the strawberry plant in early spring. The flowers develop into the fruit that we eat, and are pollinated by bees and other insects. The timing of the flowering can vary depending on the climate, but generally occurs in the months of March to May. Strawberry flowers are a common sight in gardens and fields, and are an important part of the strawberry plant’s lifecycle.

Flowers are a reminder of beauty and joy. They enlighten our life, spread joy, and love. Each time we walk around our home or take a seat in our garden and see some nice flowers decorating the place with an abstract touch, we get all comfortable and relaxed. Better than that, some flowers grow to become a sweet delicious fruit in our backyard after we have taken care of them properly.

Among this type of flower, there are strawberry flowers, a creeping perennial, easy to grow in a garden or on a terrace. They end up becoming red and delightful strawberries. They grow from May and are good to harvest in July. These flowers and their fruits are a very interesting species with great sensual and nutritional values. Strawberries are one of the most cultivated plants, and their fruits are among the most appreciated. However, it is a fragile plant, which requires that we take care of it.

In this article, we are going to develop the following points:

* Origins and characteristics of a strawberry flower
* What the strawberry flower stands for?
* How to plant a Strawberry Flower
* You should have this flower in your balcony
* How to care for strawberries flowers

Origins and Characteristics of a Strawberry Flower

Strawberry flowers originate in the crowns of strawberry plants. Months before the flowers emerge; they begin their life as tiny flower buds. Then it grows to become a beautiful white flower. Afterward, the support of the strawberry flower swells and blushes to become a delicious red fruit.

Being part of a subspecies called Fragaria, which in turn belongs to the Rosaceae family, the strawberry flower was discovered in South America in the 18th century before being subsequently introduced into Europe.

Today there are many strawberry species; some of them are coming from the new hybridization techniques each year. There are two main types of strawberry flowers: rising strawberries and non-rising strawberries. The latter offers a very abundant harvest in May and June while the other family produces fruit until the first frosts. Harvesting is possible from spring and autumn.

What the Strawberry Flower Stands For?

The little flowers are observed with interest for their white petals since the dawn of time as a symbol of purity, innocence, humility, and audacity. The strawberry flower embodies in people’s minds the symbolism of the pleasure of love, of tender flesh with that of sensuality, and with these, Machiavellian ideas of openness to lust and debauchery.

Its shape stands for perfect righteousness because the man by his work brings excellent fruits. Strawberry is the symbol of excellence thanks to its fragrance and subtle taste. Its presence in dreams symbolizes a “reward,” a deserved sweetness after hard work or even access to pleasure. The strawberry is, therefore, this reward; the fruit of labor or a quest, and so the very symbol of the “treasure.” She inspires magic dreams to children, full of love and tenderness.

How to Plant a Strawberry Flower

Culture methods are identical for both species of the strawberry flower. You start with preparing the garden well before planting the strawberries. The soil should be rich, well drained and not limey. Then, you dig the soil well, bury compost and prepare holes larger than the planting pots. You better leave about 40 cm between each strawberry plant, and immerse the buckets for a few minutes, peel them off, and push them in lightly without burying the collar. Finally, you fill in the holes, tamp lightly, and water abundantly.

The strawberry flower particularly appreciates rich, loose, and deep soil. It must stay cool in the summer. The ideal planting period is in September for the two main varieties. You can also plant strawberries in the spring, but the strawberry blossom and fruit can take less time to develop before the hot summer weather. Enjoy the beautiful flowers in between the periods.

You Should Have This Flower on Your Balcony

If you live in the city, you don’t have a backyard and still want to enjoy the beauty of the strawberry flowers to embellish your balcony and have some homemade fruit for a change. Well luckily, strawberry produces easily in suspension or in large jars pierced with several openings, on the conditions of being placed in a sunny place and respecting the planting and harvesting periods.

You can use special pots with openings all around the body of the pottery and fill it with rich, and not calcareous, soil then push the young strawberry plants into the holes. Do not forget to water and use fertilizer applications regularly during the season, because the strawberry flower is a greedy plant.

How to Care about Strawberries Flowers

After planting your flowers, you must take care of your plants so they can grow into beautiful flowers and healthy fruits. Therefore, you should regularly remove the runners, which are creeping stems forming at the level of the main foot, especially during the winter. In the fall, you need to cut the dry leaves. If the weather is dry, you must water the plants regularly outside the frosts.

Beware of overwatering, especially during winter. You can also add a special strawberry fertilizer at the beginning of spring, then again after the first harvest. Strawberries are strong, hardy plants. However, some treatments with a fungicide may be necessary in case of illness.

If you are looking to embellish your back yard or just your balcony with some beautiful white flowers, while at the same time, harvest delicious and sweet fruit, the strawberry plant is a great option. Not only are they easy to grow but they could be harvested twice a year. In addition, they only require a small and sunny place with minimal care. The strawberry flower has taken its place in the world. It is widely recognized for its nutritional value and adored for its delicious flavor. The flower has a subtle scent, and the fruit it produces has a tasty flesh and an enchanting red color.

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