Flowers That Symbolize Friendship

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One of the basic things that humans do is the forming of bonds and relationships. There are many people who profess their preference for isolation. However, humans work best when they are interacting with others.

Of course, you can’t be fond of everyone you interact with, but you can’t avoid the need for interaction. How you feel about people determines the kind of relationships that you have with them. The way how these people feel about you is also a factor.

The most common relationship type is that of friendship. Many pairs of people feel a sense of kinship with each other, and so they become friends. Today’s article focuses on flowers that are great symbols of friendship. This includes the following seven:

  • Roses
  • Sunflowers
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Irises
  • Gladioli
  • Zinnias
  • Ivies

If you’ve never given your friends flowers, now’s the time to consider it and do so with meaning.


This may be a weird note for you to start off on. After all, roses are usually depicted in contexts that are romantic, right? This is true, as roses are used in weddings and on other days that have romantic significance.

However, not all roses serve the same purpose. These flowers come in numerous colors, and you can send various messages with them. The message you send depends on the color that you opt for.

Red roses are used to symbolize love and passion in a romantic way. However, white, lavender, orange, and yellow roses are better for friends. These roses have meanings that revolve around trust, joy, happiness, and friendship.


There is no surprise that these flowers made it onto such a list. There aren’t many flowers that can rival how cheery sunflowers are. Sometimes, they are used to help lift someone’s spirit. It’s not unusual for someone to look at a sunflower and feel better about the day.

However, gifting your friend a sunflower is more than just about making the person smile. The flower’s physical characteristics are perfect for helping you send a very deep and very sentimental message.

If you have experience with sunflowers, you know that they’re long-lasting and durable. By giving your friend these flowers, you are indicating that you feel that your friendship shares those characteristics.


Chrysanthemum use in friendship is not something that is unique to modern times. In fact, the Victorian era was famous for the use of these flowers. When you have a friend, you tend to have good intentions for the person. This is someone who you want to see happy as much as possible.

Chrysanthemums are great symbolizers of this because they are used to indicate well wishes and friendship. These meanings show that you are a true friend.

Depending on your culture, these flowers could also indicate a sense of prosperity and joy. On a side note, they are also excellent flowers for Mother’s Day, so you can give some to mom too!


Who is your friend to you? How strong is your relationship? Is this person someone who you can confidently expect to be in your life for the long-term? Can you honestly say that you trust this person?

If your friendship is pure and true, there should be no hesitation to answer any of those questions. The magnitude of a genuine friendship leaves no room for doubt.

These types of friendships can be symbolized by irises. An iris is a symbol of both dedication and trust. These are two things that should be ingredients in any strong friendship.

The stem is a symbol of valor and strength. Therefore, you can use it to show your appreciation for those who stand up for you.


Most people go through rough times in their lives. In many cases, the support of a friend is the only thing that can get someone through such rough times. When friends truly care for each other, each can expect the other to show up in the darkest hour.

This is where a gladiolus comes into the picture. The petals of gladioli have a unique shape. This shape is associated with strength and care.

When you gift someone a gladiolus, you are sending two messages. The first is that you believe that this person is strong enough to overcome the adversity. The second is that you are always there when needed.


Here is a flower that isn’t very popular. Zinnias have a meaning that is usually associated with a time of sadness. This probably contributes to the reason for the lack of focus on them.

Separation is just as much a part of life as relationship formation is. There is no mortal union that can last forever. Some friendships end because one friend either passed away or moved away.

While your friend may not be special to others, that person matters to you immensely. You can use zinnias to indicate this.

Zinnias symbolize remembrance, so getting a pot of them is a great help in preserving your friend’s memory.


How long has your longest friendship been going on? There are some friendships that last a lifetime. The longer a friendship lasts, the more attention you should give it.

There are so many things that are celebrated in life, and friendships should be celebrated as well. If you have any friendship that has withstood the test of time, consider giving the gift of an ivy.

It may not be a traditional flower, but the way it pulls on any supporting structure it grows on is incredible. This is a symbol of the interconnectivity and strength of a bond between two people.


Flowers are not just for people who you are romantically involved with. There are numerous flowers that can be used to indicate how you feel about friendship.

Seven of these flowers were covered throughout this piece. These were roses, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, irises, gladioli, zinnias, and ivies. All these flowers have unique meanings and characteristics that are relevant to friendships.

You don’t get to have your friends forever. So, remember to show them what’s in your heart while you still do.

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