Flowers of the World: Canada

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The beautiful Maple Leaf is the official symbol which represents Canada: it was established way back in the 18th century, and is portrayed on the penny, the national flag, and the Canadian coat of arms. Also, just like its neighbour, the United States, each province from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean boasts a unique and wonderful floral emblem related to their region. These are representative of the glorious variety of organically cultured plant life in this illustrious country which is so close to nature. Geraniums, chrysanthemums and poinsettias which are often used by FloraQueen in bouquets, are the most common flowers in Canada, along with the wild and woodland lily, which are normally found in damp meadow land. If you would like to help someone close to you celebrate a special day, you can send flowers to Canada.

Woodland Lily - CanadaWoodland lily – Image Source:

Alberta is represented by the Wild Rose; it was chosen by school children back in 1930 due to its delicate aroma and huge popularity. Everyone loves to receive roses as a gift, and they are extremely popular at FloraQueen. Wild roses were revered by the natives who used to treat a number of illnesses using natural remedies. Rose hips which are extracted from the flower are sometimes made into a tea and as they are high in vitamin C, they are frequently added to nutritional supplements.

Alberta, Wild Rose - Canada

Alberta Wild Rose – Image Source:

Ontario, home of the magnificent Niagara Falls, not far from Toronto, is represented by the White Trillium. Picked out on 1937, it is a lovely flower which is a protected species found in the vast woodlands and breathtaking deep green forests. If you would like to send flowers to Toronto, FloraQueen is your best choice.

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Quebec, the French-speaking province, chose the Madonna Lily 36 years ago. It is similar to the heraldic fleur-de-lis on its regional flag. The Madonna lily symbolises French culture both in Québec and France, however, it is not grown naturally in Québec. Because of this, in 1999 it was changed to the blue iris which grows all over the state. You can send flowers to Quebec to light up your friend’s day.

Blue Iris - Canada

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If you want to send flowers to Canada to surprise your loved ones, FloraQueen is at your service 24/7. You may want to send flowers to Toronto for a birthday or send flowers to Quebec for an anniversary, or for any other celebration, or to another province in this truly remarkable country.

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