Enrich your life with summer flowers

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bici con flores

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Besides making our days more pleasant, the sun performs another wonderful miracle; it makes delightful, strikingly beautiful flowers grow and blossom. What’s more, summer flowers are perfectly suited to people’s long summer days, often turned into an elegant and stylish accessory. For instance, think of flower headbands adorning the hair of girls on an evening amongst friends, or sexy dresses rich in floral prints; or even the balconies of so many houses, decorated and embellished with dozens of flowers, summer flowers of course.

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Here are a few tips on which summer flowers to choose:

  • Jasmine: Flowers that gives off a rich and pleasant fragrance, perfect for repelling mosquitoes in the summer season and pleasing to the palate in a refreshing jasmine-infused ice-cream or crushed ice drink.
  • Daisy:Loves me, loves me not?” It’s the game you’ve played every summer since you were a child, as you pluck the petals off one by one. The ideal friendship gift.
  • Sunflower: The quintessential summer flower, it conveys joy and sincere affection.
  • Rose: Pink, white and coloured roses. In summer, these flowers display all their splendour and bestow unrivalled emotions.
  • Lily: Elegant and refined, the lily is the oldest flower used for ornamental purposes. It symbolises purity and innocence.

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