Rainbow Roses Are Beautiful, Stunning, and Make a Perfect Choice of Joyous Gift for Every Special Occasion

shutterstock 188916758 FloraQueen EN Rainbow Roses Are Beautiful, Stunning, and Make a Perfect Choice of Joyous Gift for Every Special Occasion

Since the dawn of time, roses have always been the most popular flowers. We use them for different events and special occasions. They highlight charm, fame, and bring a touch of originality and creativity. While we know several types of roses such as white roses and red roses, there is one variety of roses that stand out from the rest: rainbow roses. Have you ever heard of them?

The Dutchman Peter van de Werken created the rainbow roses. They are beautiful multicolored roses. How can you obtain them? When you plant white roses, as they grow, the stems of these roses are injected with coloring meant to give them the different colors of the rainbow.

The rainbow is a mixture of several sparkling colors. Thus, this kind of roses is rich in color and pleasant to look at. You should note that to obtain a rainbow rose, you must use special organic stains.

Fresh and sparkling roses put together to make a beautiful floral bouquet, isn’t it ideal for making a wonderful gift for the one you love? Pleasantly surprise your friend or partner with this gift that you don’t give every day.

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Rainbow Rose Seedlings


There is no need to introduce the rose flower, commonly known as the star of flowerbeds and gardens. Today, we present the rainbow roses that turn heads and attract a great deal of attention. A hybrid of Dutch origin, its particularity is to offer a great variety of bright colors and a lot of sweet fragrance.

The cultivation of the rose requires a sunny exposure and a low calcareous soil (<15% of limestone). This variety cannot tolerate pot cultivation but can show its full potential in the ground or your yard. Sowing is easy, germination takes about 40 days, and flowering takes place during the summer.

The rainbow rose is unique in the world and sold for the first time in Great Britain. Around the globe, almost a million of these unusual flowers were sold last year. The rainbow rose is astonishing and awe-inspiring. It owes its colors to food coloring, although the process is still secret. In any case, the flower is entirely breathtaking!

How to Make Rainbow Roses

Do you love arranging beautiful bouquets in your house? FloraQueen suggests that you can be more original and give a bit of surprise and color to your decoration by following these steps.

There’s nothing better than natural. But from time to time, it doesn’t hurt to inject a dose of originality into your daily life. To reproduce the rainbow bouquet, you need a few “ingredients”:

Roses with a stem of 22 cm long
– Several organic food colors
– A few glasses filled with water
– A pair of scissors
– Glue
– A vase full of water

Roses must be white because it is the only variety with a transparent top layer of petals. Some people believe that artificial multicolored flowers have been genetically modified. That is not at all the case. Each of us can make our own with a few simple tools that most of us already have at home! The principle for making these rainbow roses is quite easy. Even with cut flowers, they continue to absorb water through their stems to keep them fresh. The water can evaporate, and the color pigments remain on the petals.

However, there are some helpful instructions to follow. First of all, start by choosing the shades you are going to use. The tones must be contrasted. Otherwise, the boundaries cannot be visible! Here are two examples of combinations to test: blue-yellow-purple-red / red-blue-green-yellow.

Take the four glasses and add as much color as you need to make the water opaque. Cut the stem lengthwise into four by about 15 cm. Glue the colored glasses together and then dip each part of the stem into one of the glasses. The roses must remain well immersed. At worst, give them support. Let them absorb this water for 24 hours and then admire the result. You can transfer them to another vase filled with water after gluing the stems back together with glue or adhesive paper. Just keep them away from sunlight!

Color Combinations

If you’re looking to buy a rainbow rose, you want to give it as a gift, which is a great idea. How many multicolored roses have you seen? The truth is that although they are very striking, they are not very well known.

The rainbow rose is nothing more than a natural rose whose petals are dyed in a straightforward process. It is impressive to look at, and its varied bright shades make it highly attractive. The best-known color combination you can see is the one that includes all seven colors of the rainbow. It is a famous rose that consists of many other different tones. Another exciting aspect is that you cannot combine with black and white colors.

Although this process goes back more than a thousand years, it still amazes all rose lovers. The world of roses still hides many secrets.

Rainbow Rose Seedlings

You can never get rainbow roses by sowing seeds. You can, however, “create” your rainbow rose at home. All you need is a long-stemmed white rose (available at FloraQueen local florists) and plant coloring. To achieve the multi-colored effect, prepare three or four glasses of water, and add plant coloring. Place them tightly together. Now, using a knife split the stem of the rose into four or five, about 10 to 15 cm long. Now place each stem section in a different glass. In a few hours, the dye should rise into the petals of the flower, giving you a “rainbow rose.

Rainbow rose seeds must receive a cold treatment to germinate well. However, here is how to do it:

Sow the seeds in a moist pot of soil in December or January, covering the seeds with about 5 mm of earth. Place the container in a clear plastic bag and seal it. Leave the bag in the fridge for at least 10 to 12 weeks. Afterward, place the bag in a warm (about 21 degree), moderately lit location.

Germination may take two to six weeks. Then remove the bag and place the container in front of a very sunny window. Water as needed to prevent the seedlings from drying out. When the seedlings have four leaves, transplant them into individual pots. When summer arrives, acclimatize the small plants to outdoor conditions and plant them in a sunny spot.

The multicolored rose, commercially called “rainbow rose” is an ideal gift to offer to your beloved ones on special occasions. Surprise them with this beautiful rose without breaking the bank. It is one of a kind. The shades are so bright. Also, you can use other color patterns. In addition to roses, other cut flowers such as chrysanthemums, carnations, hydrangeas and orchids can also be colored using the same method.

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