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The long stem rose is a household flower, regarded as the perfect flower for romantic affairs or to show admiration and respect. We couldn’t agree more! Characterized by long stems and beautiful blooms, long stem roses are admired and cherished by all. Additionally, long stem roses are so much sought after that they easily run out of stock in many florist stores during festive periods.

Here’s some information about long stem roses that you can learn:

  • How long stem roses originated
  • Long stem roses species
  • What meanings each color of long stem carries
  • How long stem roses are planted… and so much more.

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How Did Long Stem Roses Originated?

Long stem roses, regardless of the variations we have today, are a hybrid species, and they came about as a result of cross-breeding between tea roses and hybrid perpetual roses. This revolutionary cross-breeding was done sometime in the 1800s and has given birth to the variety of long stem roses that we have in the modern world. Long stem roses, when fully grown, can have a length of between four to six inches. Also, most long stem roses usually have a single bloom as opposed to other species of roses, which can have several blooms on one stem.

Over the years, long term roses have been adopted by many as the perfect flowers for love affairs. In other cultures, they are used to show admiration for someone or to show respect. That said, long stem roses are generally loved by many because of their single, yet big, bloom.

Long Term Roses Species

Three are many species of long stem roses across different countries; the Ecuadorian roses, for example, are peculiar to Ecuador and can barely be found somewhere else. Notwithstanding, below are some of the most popular species of long stem roses:

Hybrid Teas

As explained earlier, this is the pioneer of the species of long stem roses we have today, and it is, as a matter of fact, the most commonly used. The hybrid tea’s features include a long, sturdy stem and a single, colorful bloom, and the flowers are well-formed with big buds.  Actually, the hybrid tea species of long stem flowers did not become popular until the 20th century. Due to their long stem, the hybrid teas are quite prone to diseases. However, this can be curtailed with the right gardening practices.


Although not particularly popular as hybrid teas, the floribundas are a specie of long stem roses known for their disease-resistant quality. Unlike the hybrid teas, floribundas have several blooms held by a long stem. The blooms are smaller compared with hybrid teas, but the stem is just as long as that of the hybrid teas.


Grandfloras grow in clusters like the floribundas. Interestingly, it’s a crossbreed of the floribundas and the hybrid teas. The buds produce up to about five blooms on each stem, and the flowers can grow in different colors, which range from red, pink, white, yellow, and more.

There are several other species of long stem flowers, but the highlighted are the most popular and commonly used. Also, the type of long term rose you find may differ from country to country as flowers evolve with many environmental factors.

What Meaning Does Each Color of Long Stem Roses Symbolize?

Over the years, various meanings have been associated with the different colors of long stem roses. The symbol of each color may differ according to the culture practiced in a given location. Be that as it may, the following are the most common meaning attached to each color of long stem roses worldwide:


Red long stem roses are usually regarded as a sign of love and admiration. They are used to express heartfelt emotions between partners or lovers. You can send it to your loved one on Valentine’s Day or basically just to show how much you adore and care about him or her.


The yellow roses symbolize joy and exuberance of having been in a relationship with someone. You can send it to them to express how much the relationship means to you and the happiness it brings to you.

Deep Pink

Thinking of showing your appreciation to someone who has been of help to you? You can send a bouquet of deep-pink roses to let them know how much you appreciate everything they’ve done for you. This can make the person delighted and prompt them not to hesitate in helping you next time.


White roses denote purity and innocence. You can send it to your Muslim friends to help them celebrate the Eid Mubarak or to your Christian friends to celebrate Easter.

Light Pink

The light pink long stem roses are a sign of empathy. You can send it to your loved ones who are going through a hard time to let them know that they’ve got your support and to encourage them to pull through.

How Are Long Stem Flowers Planted?

Planting long stem roses is a bit delicate and requires a bit technicality. To keep the stems as long as 6”, the branches and buds are removed with only one left on each stem. With this, the nutrients meant for several buds are directed to only one, hence making the stem longer and the bud bigger.

Where Can You Get Long Stem Roses?

Long stem roses are available in many stores worldwide; however, to save yourself from the stress of having to look from one store to another, you can simply order for one from an international florist like FloraQueen. FloraQueen’s services are based online. You can browse through the list of bouquets on the homepage and select the perfect combination of long stem roses. After that, follow the simple steps to make and complete your order. On completion, arrangements are quickly made to send the flowers to your location in a relatively short period of time.


Long stem roses are elegant, beautiful, and are the perfect flowers to share your feelings with your loved ones. They can last between a week to three, so international flower delivery is well worth it! Why wait any longer? Go place an order for a bouquet of long stem roses now!

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