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Everyone knows at least the latitude of Ecuador. Named by the Spanish, it lies right on the equator in South America.

Its colonial past is ever-present, and the capital, Quito, is perfect proof of this. The stunning mix of narrow streets, churches, monasteries and gaily-painted balconies is a World Heritage Site and well worth visiting.

But the country’s distant past is ubiquitous too, with a volcano on the city outskirts, and the majestic Andes rising up along the sierras, and a drive through them to Latacunga takes you on one of the planet’s most spectacular roads.

Covering the age-old rocks are a number of tropical rainforests. The Oriente is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a riot of sounds and colours and smells – if you picture the perfect rainforest, it will look very much like this.

The Galapagos Islands are part of Ecuador; never is the word ‘unique’ so wisely used than when talking about these islands and their flora and fauna. As in all such fragile ecosystems, you cannot take any of the flowers away with you, so should you wish to send flowers to Ecuador, they won’t be part of the arrangement. But we do guarantee wonderful bouquets of fresh flowers for the friends you are bound to make in Ecuador through FloraQueen’s international flower delivery service.

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