The power of medicinal flowers

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Did you know that flowers can be used to cure various ailments? Well, medicinal flowers can cure anything from rashes, to “funny tummys” or even to calm anxiety. Flowers are a completely natural medicine, meaning that you don’t have to worry about any nasty side effects. As well as being 100% natural, they also can be much cheaper to use pharmaceuticals. A win-win, right?

You can enjoy medicinal flowers be it through the fresh flowers themselves, dried flowers or from the essential oils. When preparing your own tonics or mixtures be careful with the amounts and follow any instructions or guidelines carefully. Some flowers can be very potent! So make sure you read on and do your research before taking something you shouldn’t!

From small day to day aid or for more substantial ailments, medicinal flowers can provide powerful help or cures.

so, which are these medicinal flowers? 

Angelica Herb

This herb comes from the same plant as the Angelica flower. This medicinal flower is very fragrant and has multiple medicinal uses, which include helping with digestive disorders, coughs and colds. So next time you are under the weather, instead of heading straight to the neurofen, why not give the angelica herb a go?  


Honeysuckle flowers can be used to create an effective mouthwash, which is great for sore throats. Furthermore by simply applying a paste made from the flowers you can also effectively treat skin rashes or inflammation.

Additionally, somewhat surprisingly they serve as a great ingredient in desserts. Jasmine and honeysuckle cupcakes anyone? Yes, please!

Medicinal flowers honeysuckle


Begonia flowers are one of the medicinal flowers that can be used and prepared in various different ways. When soaked in hot water the infusion can be used to help relief headaches as well as rid the body of toxins. The flowers and leaves, when crushed, can be rubbed directly on the skin to help heal sores or burns.

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Bellis Perennis

Also known as the common daisy this is a very powerful flower with many medicinal properties. When made into an infusion it can be used as a laxative or to purge the body of toxic matter. Obviously this may have some unwanted side effects in regards to usage of the WC, but there you go! It is also often used to help treat arthritis and rheumatism. What a magic flower!

medicinal flowers daisy

Butterfly weed

This flower is often used in Native Indian cuisine, however, it also treats respiratory issues by clearing the lungs. Direct application to the skin can also aid in reducing swelling or healing wounds.


Chrysanthemums are another flower that is great when made into a tea. This tea can help relieve fevers, headaches or the common cold. Once cooled, the liquid can also be used to help soothe tired eyes. Just think, now when you send chrysanthemums abroad it now serves more than one purpose for your loved ones. They can enjoy their beauty and then later use the petals to take advantage of their medicinal properties.

California Poppy

Unlike some species of poppies, the California Poppy is not addictive and does not contain any opium. It can in fact be used to help relieve anxiety and stress as well as aid with insomnia. When combined with other natural remedies they can be used over a period of time to help with depression and fatigue. It’s almost like there’s nothing that this flower can’t do!

medicinal flowers


The base of the carnation flower is bitter, but the petals can be brewed to make a tea. This tea can used to reduce anxiety, agitation, stress and fatigue. So whilst some might say that medidation is the best way to unwind, maybe just have a nice warm cup of carnation tea. Yummy!

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Dandelions are very useful for cleansing the blood and reducing the effects of conditions such as anemia. If you’re looking for a new weight loss idea then maybe this flower is for you as well. Why is this? Well, it has been proven that consuming the nutrients in the root of the dandelion aids in loosing excess water weight.

medicinal flowers


Not only are roses attractive flowers but they are also medicinal flowers. They contain a high amount of Vitamin C and are extremely safe to eat. When eaten raw the petals can increase blood circulation as well as release dopamine, a hormone which makes us happy. Therefore these medicinal flowers have been proven to to reduce depression. Once turned into a paste or cream the rose oil is great for the skin as well! So next time you send roses with our international flower delivery to your loved one and fine nothing left apart from the stalks, don’t be annoyed, they’ve probably made good use of the flowers!

medicinal flowers roses

Which of these medicinal flowers would you like to try? Which has surprised you the most for the properties that they contain? Hopefully we have provided you with some useful tips for the next time you are looking for a natural remedy.

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