Colorado State Flower: The Majestic Columbine

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The state of Colorado is located on the western side of the United States. Its capital is Denver, which together with Aurora, forms a metropolis with more than half of the state’s population. Colorado is also called the Centennial State, as it joined the Union 100 years after the declaration of independence, in 1876.

In the eastern part of the state, you can find the Great Plains, and in the western part, you can clearly see the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado plateau rise. Mount Elbert, the highest point in the Rocky Mountains, is part of the Rocky Mountain National Park and Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

In this beautiful work of art of Mother Nature, you can enjoy it with your beloved ones, and add more magic to the spectacle by offering them sweetly perfumed flowers to express all the feelings your heart may hide for them.

In this article, we are going to talk about the following points:

* What are the best places to visit in Colorado?

* What is the best food in Colorado?

* What you should know about the columbine flower or Rocky Mountain columbine

* Planting the columbine flower

* Facts about the columbine flower

What are the best places to visit in Colorado?

Colorado means “colorful” in Spanish, and is named after its red sandstone soil. Colorful Colorado refers to its landscapes of mountains, rivers, and plains.

Colorado contains hundreds of wonderful places that every tourist should visit. There are many parks, such as the national park of Black Canyon of the Gunnison, the national park of Mesa Verde, and the national park of the Rocky Mountains. You can also find many monuments, such as the Colorado National Monument and the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. In this amazing work of Mother Nature, you can also find many national forests, such as the Grand Mesa National Forest, San Isabel National Forest, Roosevelt National Forest, Rio Grande National Forest, and Pike National Forest.

In many of these areas, you can see the state flower of Colorado, the columbine flower. It is the symbol of the state and a traditional garden flower in the British Isles. The native species of North America are popular garden plants.

What is the Best Food in Colorado?

You can enjoy many foods at the Colorado state, as it is a melting pot of food cultures. For example, the famous Rocky Mountain oysters. They define the core of Colorado’s food climate. These classics are iconic that beckon us back repeatedly.

Lamb fondue is one of Colorado’s most famous foods, too. It is an exceptional slab of beautifully seasoned meat well worth a splurge. First, the lamb comes from Mountain States Rosen, a ranch in Greeley, with remarkably tender flesh throttled with rich flavor. Moreover, the addition of the warm cheese fondue with pepper jack, and much other variety of fresh chiles, make you really want to test it. It is some of the best lamb in the world!

There is also the miso black cod, an Asian fusion with shiitake mushrooms, edamame beans sweet cipollini onions and a slightly sweet Japanese sauce. Worth the try!

What you Should Know About the Rocky Mountain Columbine

The symbolic flower of the state is the columbine flower, which grows in the large chain of Rocky Mountains of Colorado. You can grow several unique species in your garden for any ornamental purposes; it can definitely bring a beautiful touch.

One of the variant types of the columbine flower is the Aquilegia vulgaris. It is a traditional garden flower in some cultures, and some are very popular garden plants. Columbine flowers have a characteristic and basic bell-shape and each petal has a special elongated form. These flowers are very fragrant and are perfect to add in your garden.

These Colorado state beauties come in a large variety in color. You can find them in blue to pure white, pale yellow, and even pink. What makes the flower more beautiful is that it is often two-colored.

Planting the Columbine Flower

Columbine flower development is long, which helps them to be drought tolerant. All this development makes the plant very stubborn and hard to move on.

The columbine flower grows better in light shade, but do not be afraid, it can also tolerate the full sun if the weather is medium and not too hot. It grows best in garden rich soils, well-drained, and well moisturized. You should plant your seeds usually during in the months of April to July. Be aware of the presence of leafminers. It is a common problem often observed in columbine flower species, and they produce pale green lines on the leaves.

Facts About the Columbine Flower

The columbine flowers used to have a wide diversity when it comes to therapeutic uses. In fact, Native Americans used to make infusions from different parts of the plant to heal a range variety of illnesses, such as heart problems, pain, and even to relieve a fever. The unique shape of the Columbine flower makes the plant well suited for attracting long-tongued nectar feeders while preventing small bees from directly reaching the nectar.

During 1985, The Colorado General Assembly decided to make it illegal to uproot the flower on public lands. On private land, you should not try to pick it at all without the consent of the landowner.

In Greek Mythology, the columbine flower was attributed to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. This beautiful sweet-scented flower also symbolizes faith, hope, and love.

The Columbine flower or the Rocky Mountain Columbine is the beautiful flower of Colorado. This state with its astonishing nature and full of so many places to visit with your beloved can offer you amazing moments to enjoy. If you know someone in Colorado and want to send him or her flowers to bring some joy in his or her life, make sure your arrangement includes the columbine. You can also offer them some seeds if they like gardening, it can absolutely bring amazing touch to the house.

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