Common Types Of Flowers Have Multiple Shapes And Meanings

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All over the world, flowers help people in a very nice and powerful way to convey profound emotions and feelings, to apologize, to thank someone, or simply to show respect. They make the life of a human being more peaceful, cheerful, and colorful.

You could use flowers to decorate your room, your home, and your workplace. In addition to that, flowers, especially the common types, can help in lifting bad moods like depression. They are also bought for their strong meanings and are offered on some specific occasions and opportunities.

Moreover, if you want to grow them, they are going to teach you a new responsibility because they need you to take care of them every day.

In this article, we are going to discuss the following points:

* What Are the Types of Flowers?
* What Are the Meanings of Common Flowers?
* What Is the Best Way to Buy Common Flowers?
* Best Occasion to Offer Each Type of Common Flowers
* How to Take Care of Common Flowers?

What Are the Types of Flowers?

Flowers are known for their richness of types and shapes. For example, there are dried flowers. This type is very used in today’s home decorations, in bouquets, on hats and door swags. They are also used in hearth brooms, shadow boxes, wreaths, window ornaments, and kissing balls. Dried flowers are long-lasting and do not need a lot of care. Moreover, the process of drying flowers is easy and cheap.

Flower lovers are addicted to wildflowers because of their fascinating beauty, colors, and fragrance. This type can be found in gardens and anywhere else, but they grow spontaneously under some little specific circumstances. There are also cut flowers that are used especially as a gift on special and private occasions.

Finally, there are exotic flowers. Those flowers are very special because they add a wonderful and fascinating touch to gardens, parks, and workplaces, during some occasions like celebrations, weddings, etc…

What Are the Meanings of Common Flowers?

Nature creates beautiful flowers all the time, but not all of them are popular. The difference between being a common flower and unpopular lies in the fragrance, the charm, and the meaning.

For instance, violets symbolize courage and no fear. Alstroemerias means friendship, devotion, and wealth. Calla lilies make you think about faith and pure souls. For this specific reason, this type is very used by religious figures. In addition, they symbolize rebirth and sympathy.

Daisies are an international type of flower that means innocence. This type prefers average soil circumstances and full sun. When it comes to carnations, which have three variations and a big number of colors, they stand for motherly love and good luck wishes.

Gardenias mean protection, a message of secret love, elegance, and purity. There are also synonymous with hope, optimism, and sacrifices.

Finally, there are roses. The colorful blooms could have dozens of meanings, such as caring, powerful love, and good friendship.

What Is the Best Way to Buy Common Flowers?

Nowadays, people have busy schedules; they have work to do, children to take care of, and problems to solve. There is no time to go to flower shops and spend hours trying to describe your choices after waiting for your turn for a long time. The best way is to deliver flowers and send them to your special person.

Delivering flowers is very easy. It is going to help you to not waste your time and send fresh flowers, for example, to your mother, your wife or someone else that you care about. Florists who are working on delivering companies are certified as professionals with dozens of years of experience. They do this work with a lot of caring, responsibility and the most important, with a lot of love and passion. In addition, they deliver your personalized arrangement by hand, which means they look for perfection, your happiness, and mostly your satisfaction.

Best Occasion to Offer Each Type of Common Flowers

It is your mother’s birthday, you are so busy at work that you cannot find a wonderful gift for her. In this case, the best to do is to offer her a well-organized bouquet of daisies especially marguerite daisy and oriental poppy.

If you want to express your respect to your boss or colleague, it is preferred to give him a bouquet of sunflowers, orchids, and gebrebras.

Lilies are wonderful to offer, for instance, to your sister who gave birth to her first child last week or to your daughter after her graduation and success.

To convey your profound feelings and emotions to your wife/husband or your girlfriend/ boyfriend, the best thing to do is to prepare a romantic table with a fascinating arrangement of red roses, pink roses, orchids, tulips, and cherry blossoms. To apologize, it is preferred to buy common flowers like bluebell, gardenia, amaryllis, aster, maltese cross, and moonflower.

How to Take Care of Common Flowers?

It is very easy to take care of common flowers. It only demands to follow a few guidelines. First, you have to trim one or inches off the stems by garden shears and cut at an angle to facilitate the absorption of water. Do not forget to re-trim them once every 3 or 4 days.
Remove the leaves below the water line to avoid the bacteria’s growth. You should add water very wisely and carefully depending on the type of flower you are growing. It is preferred to add flower food to the water. Make sure your vase is perfectly clean and change the water with flower food every three or four days.

Common flowers can last more than 7 days in a place with a cool temperature. For that, try to avoid sunlight, heats, drafts, open windows, and be sure that your vase is not near fruits.

Common flowers are diversified; you can find hundreds of types, shapes, and colors. It depends on your taste, the occasion, and the person that is going to receive the bouquet. All over the world, common flowers represent an important detail on some specific events such as weddings and funerals. For that, it is very necessary to take care of them wisely to enjoy their beauty and fragrance.

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